27 March 2023

Relocation of Vinçotte Agro & Food from Zwolle to Kiwa in Apeldoorn

Vinçotte Agro & Food is relocating. Starting from 3 April 2023, the visiting address will no longer be in Zwolle but in Apeldoorn. This is how we further shape the collaboration of Vinçotte and Kiwa, which started last year. From Apeldoorn, Vinçotte's agro and food experts can serve you even better together with their Kiwa colleagues.

Below we have listed some important information for you:

Vinçotte Agro & Food

  • Current visiting address: Obrechtstraat 28e, 8031 AZ Zwolle
  • Visiting address from 3 April 2023: Wilmersdorf 50, 7327 AC Apeldoorn
  • Phone number from 3 April 2023: +31 88 998 4310
  • Billing address remains: Takkebijsters 8, 4817 BL Breda

Vinçotte Agro & Food becomes Kiwa

In December 2021, Vinçotte announced its intention to join the Kiwa Group. Since the approval of this collaboration by the Belgian competition authority, Vinçotte Agro & Food and Kiwa VERIN have been working together on the integration of both organizations.

Gradually, more and more services from Vinçotte will be provided under the Kiwa flag. In the coming period, the Kiwa brand name and the beaver logo will therefore increasingly become visible in Vinçotte's communications.

Are you working with Vinçotte Agro & Food? As soon as the services in which your organization is involved are transferred from Vinçotte Agro & Food to Kiwa, we will inform you further. Until then, Vinçotte Agro & Food will remain your point of contact.

Read more about the cooperation between Vinçotte and Kiwa.

More information

If you have any questions about this message or about the collaboration between Vinçotte and Kiwa, please email:

Or call: 088 472 2320 (from 3 April 2023: 088 998 4310).

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