The products are intended to be used for underground piping systems and its components made from glass-reinforced thermosetting plastics (GRP) based on unsaturated polyester resin (UP) intended to be used for water supply (drinking or raw), with or without pressure. In a pipework system, pipes and fittings of different nominal pressure and stiffness ratings may be used together.

The evaluation guideline is applicable to pipes, fittings and their joints (flexible or rigid) of nominal diameters from DN 100 to DN 4000, which are intended to be used for the conveyance of tap water at temperatures up to 50 °C.

In this application, the products are not intended for use under continuously varying load. With a continuously varying load is meant here cycling loads with a frequency of at least 1 cycle per minute varying between two load levels.

Remark: The product could be used under continuously varying load in internal pressure applications. In that case test should be carried out according to ISO 15306.

Pipes can be made according to different processes, e.g.: centrifugal casting, continuous filament winding or cross filament winding.

Fittings could be made using any of the following techniques:

1) Fabricated from straight pipe;

2) moulded by:

  • filament winding;
  • tape winding;
  • contact moulding (hand lay-up);
  • hot or cold press moulding.

This evaluation guideline is applicable to joints which are or are not intended to be resistant to axial loading:

1) Socket-and-spigot (either integral with pipe or sleeve coupling) or mechanical joint.

2) Locked socket-and spigot joint;

3) Cemented or wrapped joint;

4) Bolted flange joint.

Pre-certification tests

The pre-certification tests to be performed are based on the (product) requirements as contained in this evaluation guideline, including the test methods, and comprise of, depending on the nature of the product to be certified, the following:

  • type testing to determine whether the products comply with the product and/or functional requirements;
  • production process assessment;
  • assessment of the quality system and the IQC-scheme;
  • assessment on the presence and functioning of the remaining procedures.

Granting the quality declaration

After finishing the pre-certification tests, the results are presented to the Decision maker deciding on granting of the certificate. This person evaluates the results and decides whether the certificate can be granted or if additional data and/or tests are necessary.