First step, the welding workshop should make welders available. To make sure they are competent, there are standard methods for testing welders. The next step is to use welding instructions and/or welding procedure requirements (WPS) to increase repeatability. WPS must be qualified. In summary, WPS should be based on WPQR (Welding Procedure Qualification Registration).

In the welding workshop, the welding officer or resource coordinator will be responsible for the resources, training and management of welders. The resource coordinator should be competent. In addition to duties and responsibilities, qualification requirements are also regulated in accordance with ISO 14731.

What Kiwa Can Do For You?

In order to take into account all factors that have a direct and indirect impact on the quality of weilding, it is recommended that the welding workshop establish a quality assurance system. EN ISO 3834 is not a stand alone standard:

  • EN ISO 3834-1: Criteria for selection of appropriate level of quality requirements,
  • EN ISO 3834-2: Comprehensive quality requirements,
  • EN ISO 3834-3: Standard quality requirements,
  • EN ISO 3834-4: Basic quality requirements,
  • EN ISO 3834-5: Documentation required to confirm compliance with quality requirements.

The certificate consists of the following sections:

  1. Examination of documents
  2. Certification Audit
  3. Search
  4. Renewal Control
    After the certification audit, certificate is valid for 3 years, by providing an annual periodic audit is completed. A periodic review allows the company to adhere to the quality management system and assess its functionality. After 3 years, a more extensive audit is carried out, similar to the certification audit, to renew the certificate.

Certified by Kiwa

Kiwa Turkey  is a certification body accredited for the certification of welding certificate, qualification of welding procedures and welding workshop / sourcing company according to ISO 3834.


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  • Meet customers' needs, your products provide consumers with healthy, reliable and environmental protection,
  • Prove your commitment to quality - certification indicates to customers, partners, and employees that you are committed to technical quality,
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