Relevant to any organization of any size or sector, providing products or services.

If you are committed to tackling your environmental impacts and want to go beyond ISO 14001, EMAS can help – whether you’re a big product manufacturer or small service organization.

EMAS is a management tool developed by the European Commission for organizations to evaluate, report and improve their environmental performance; it helps you commit to assessing and reducing your impacts, showing your stakeholders you take the environment, and your part in it, seriously.

EMAS CE 1221/2009 promotes transparency and lets you provide information on your environmental performance, both by actively involving your employees and through an external environmental statement. This strengthens your relationships with stakeholders and helps you attract new customers, boosting the business.

What you need to know

EMAS certification allows your organization to be included in a special European Register. It goes beyond the requirements of ISO 14001, with compulsory elements such as the communication of performance through environmental statements, and the participation of employees.

With EMAS you can demonstrate your legal compliance and commit to continuously improving your performance. Requirements include:

  • Conducting an environmental review
  • Adopting an environmental policy
  • Establishing an environmental management system
  • Involving employees and external stakeholders
  • Preparing and publishing an environmental statement

Getting certified with Kiwa

Consumers and businesses are increasingly aware of their indirect impacts on the environment, and their demand for proof of sustainable business practices has never been higher. Customers want to know the products and services they buy have the lowest possible impact on the environment; EMAS certification can demonstrate your extended commitment to sustainability.

By partnering with Kiwa, you can benefit from EMAS, ensuring your environmental management systems are improving your performance and communicating the results, which helps you build trust and create a positive public image.


  • Enjoy visibility – with your verified environmental statement available publicly, EMAS certification grants you access to the EMAS Register and you can use the EMAS logo.
  • Enhance your reputation – EMAS certification helps you show your stakeholders that your commitment to social responsibility goes beyond regular standards.
  • Reduce your costs – with EMAS you can identify where to reduce your waste and your use of resources.
  • Improve your performance – EMAS helps you set goals and continuously improve your environmental performance, reducing your impacts.
  • Engage employees and management – EMAS requires you to engage employees and communicate your results, helping you connect with people on environmental topics.
  • Meet environmental regulations – EMAS can help you understand and comply with the relevant environmental legislation.
  • Achieve your environmental goals – by requiring you to set and work towards targets, EMAS can help you meet your goals.
  • Break into new markets – EMAS certification will enable you to win business in new areas.