We apply an integral approach combining fire safety engineering and our extensive theoretical knowledge, whilst keeping the effectiveness of the implemented measures in mind.

Inspections and fire safety checks can be based on various starting points:
Inspection in accordance with the Bouwbesluit (‘Building Code’) (assessment fire safety in structures)
An inspection based on the Bouwbesluit includes the various fire safety aspects in a building, such as fire compartmentation, strength of support structure during a fire, smoke spread, emergency lighting, egress route signage and firefighting lifts.

Inspection in accordance with NEN 6059
An inspection in accordance with NEN 6059 (since 2015) applies the method established in the standard using a web tool. This method comprises 328 questions covering all aspects of the Bouwbesluit about fire safety. The standard differentiates between a baseline assessment and a status assessment. The advantage of this standard is that inspection results can be benchmarked against other buildings.
Inspection in accordance with ‘Verscherpt Toezicht’ (‘Strict Supervision’)
National Government projects are regularly conducted under so-called 'strict supervision', where a more specific fire safety assessment is conducted, supplementary to ‘regular supervision’. Basic assumptions are assessed prior to inspection. During the inspection, fire safety provisions are assessed based on both certificates as well as the inspector’s experience and knowledge.

Inspection in accordance with VIVB Inspection Scheme
The inspection scheme of the Vereniging van Inspectie-Instellingen voor Veiligheid en Brandveiligheid (VIVB) (‘Association of Inspection Institutions for Safety and Fire Safety’) is an inspection method in which fire compartmentation and strength of support structure during a fire are the most important aspects. Potentially, these aspects can be assessed in cohesion with a fixed fire extinguishing system (such as a sprinkler system).

Why Kiwa R2B?
Kiwa R2B is a leading Inspection Institution for Fire Safety and Security (FSS), providing services combining expertise, flexibility, customer-focus with an innovative attitude. We conduct inspections and provide training maintaining a fully independent, unbiased and fair position.
Kiwa R2B operates in a wide range of facilities, including health care, tunnels, logistical, industrial, (petro) chemical, data centres, airports, storage of hazardous goods and hotels.