In addition, the Dutch population expects the responsible network operators to do everything that is reasonably possible in order to guarantee safety in the gas distribution sector. Although the gas networks in the Netherlands are considered to be extremely safe, continuous attention is required for protecting the public, the network operators' own employees and employees of other companies.

Kiwa Technology can provide excellent support in this area based on its knowledge of the gas distribution sector. We combine the available technical safety provisions with operational business expertise and experience of human behaviour on the work floor.

  • Pipeline management authority
  • Pipeline operator
  • Gas network operator
  • Party responsible for gas systems
  • Gas network management department
  • Asset manager
  • Asset specialist
  • Risk specialist
  • HSE manager
  • HSE specialist

Interested in greater safety?

Safety is a key priority for all gas network companies. Safety is determined by three different factors; technology, the organisation and people. Significant progress has been made in the area of technical provisions in the gas industry during the past few years.

Gas distribution companies now look for ways of integrating safety in a management system, just as they do for accounting and quality.

In addition, companies want their employees to be more aware of safety in how they think and work. By introducing safety management systems in a targeted way and by creating content for and structuring safety culture within gas network companies, substantial improvements can be made in the process for achieving high safety levels.

Risk analysis

Identifying and analysing risks is an important element in setting up a safety management system. The consultants at Kiwa Technology possess many years of experience and have access to a large volume of background data that can assist you in identifying and analysing risks. Bow-tie models and the Tripod system are among the methods used for this.

Services in the area of safety

Our experts can help you with:

  • The implementation of safety management systems.
  • Choosing the right approach for your organisation.
  • Coordinating and guiding change processes.
  • Executing programmes that focus on culture change and human behaviour.
  • Working out and implementing safety indicators.
  • Setting up and testing emergency plans.
  • Drawing up (safety) instructions and (breakdown or emergency) manuals.
  • Carrying out quick-scans of the safety situation and detailed status quo scans.
  • Providing in-company training courses and workshops on safety in order to improve how your employees think about safety.

Safety Management Systems/Safety Culture

Safety Management System

Safety Management is the process of systematically and demonstrably controlling safety risks.

This is achieved by proactively analysing risks, implementing control measures and setting up a system in order to learn from errors. Monitoring performance is also a key element.

A safety management system is a tool for anchoring and improving safety management within an organisation in a systematic way.

So, rather than being an extra task, safety management is an integral part of good operational management. Kiwa Technology can assist you in defining the objectives and performance indicators (KPIs) for your safety policy.

In addition, we offer you support in setting up your safety management system in an efficient and transparent way and integrating it in the existing operating processes.

Safety Culture

A well-implemented safety management system is not the end of the story however; the employees in an organisation must also act and think safely. Permanently changing how employees behave in the workplace and ensuring that safety is consciously given attention within the organisation requires a change in the safety culture. A large portion of the accidents that take place is caused by human actions and by unsafe behaviour in particular. In order to reduce this percentage further, the safety culture within companies must be improved by increasing safety awareness within the organisations and stimulating safe behaviour on the part of employees. Strengthening safety culture requires a change process that unfolds at all levels within the organisation, both at management level and in the workplace.

When implementing safety culture processes, Kiwa Technology can offer assistance in coordinating and supporting the entire procedure and in sub projects by:

  • Performing a Gap analysis
  • Performing a Force field analysis
  • Providing advice on leadership and communication
  • Addressing employees on the subject of social behaviour
  • Providing safety instructions and training courses