Application for State Type Approval

In order to obtain a State Type Approval for an extinguisher, an application must be submitted to Kiwa NCP. If the documents accompanying the application are not complete and/or do not meet the requirements, the applicant will be notified. As soon as all documents are complete and meet the requirements, the State Type Approval number is assigned and the confirmation is sent to the applicant.

The processing of the application consists of checking the presence as well as the usability of documents accompanying the application. The following documents must be attached to the application and must meet the stated requirements:


Hotline extinguisher without Government Inspection Mark

When an extinguisher is sold or traded with the intention of using it in The Netherlands, a Government Inspection Mark is required. Unfortunately, it sometimes happens that extinguishers are sold without the mention of the State Type Approval. It may happen that an extinguisher is already on the market in Germany, France or another country, for example. Then there is probably also a label in that language. Usually a manufacturer or supplier will add a label in the Dutch language. The State Type Approval is then included on this label. This label must then be affixed to the fire extinguisher by the importer. The user may not do this himself!