Whole industrial business including manufactures, constructions, public institutions, IT, finance, services, etc.

ISO 22301 is a management system to keep business continuity through prompt business restoration, to satisfy customers and to minimize economic loss with establishment of relevant processes for emergency correspondences, risk managements, business recovery and etc. against disruptive accidents of the business continuity management caused by disaster and accidents.

What you need to know

The main requirements of ISO 22301 are:

  • Context of the organization
  • Leadership
  • Planning
  • Support
  • Operation (Business impact analysis & risk assessment, business continuity strategy, Establish and implement business continuity procedures and Exercising & testing)
  • Performance evaluation and Improvement. 
  • The company should grasp the key business through business impact analysis, establish the strategy and process hereof, regularly conduct exercising and testing, and then manage the improvement.

Getting certified with Kiwa

  • Integrated audit service with other management systems through various certification services
  •  Assessment to realize the potential capability for established BCMS


  • Establish business analysis data through projection of the company’s core tasks
  • Develop company-wide correspondence capacity against accidents through internalization of business continuity
  • Develop risk-control through immediate correspondence at actual accidents
  • Realize mitigation of accidents by emergency correspondence, risk control and recovery control
  • Reduce damage through identification and correspondence for potential accident occurring
  • Improve customer satisfaction and reliability by establishment of management system certification