When determining the energy performance of a heat pump according to the NEN 7120 standard, the efficiency is expressed in terms of the coefficient of performance (COP). The COP relates the amount of heat that a heat pump emits to the energy used for it.

The efficiency of a heat pump can be determined by the Kiwa experts in its own laboratory. Here, by simulating the different conditions of use in test arrangements, the annual efficiency of a heat pump can be determined, both for heating and for tap water. If this meets the requirements, then a NEN 7120 quality declaration follows. Kiwa can test brine/water, water/water and air/water heat pumps according to the NEN 7120.

Kiwa's services in the field of testing, testing and certification of heat pumps in accordance with the NEN 7120 standard is intended for manufacturers and importers who want their products tested for application on the Dutch market. Kiwa can issue the necessary quality declarations for both space heating and the production of hot tap water.

Heat pumps must comply with national and international laws and regulations, regulations and certifications. Kiwa is accredited for the Dutch standard NEN 7210 and can therefore help you to comply with the requirements arising from this standard. Our heat pump experts also have experience with EMC and electrical safety tests, the ErP, RED, Kiwa Watermark, EHPA Quality Label and CEN Heat Pump KEYMARK.

Kiwa is a globally recognized and respected partner in the field of testing, inspection and certification (TIC) with modern in-house laboratories and facilities to test heat pumps and related systems. We offer all the services you need to keep your time-to-market as short as possible. Contact Ernst Vossers or fill in the contact form for more information about Kiwa heat pump services.

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