Green gas is the cleanes option: the net CO2, emission reduction is much greater. Hydrogen is a sustainable gas if the hydrogen has been produced using sustainable energy or if the CO2 which is released upon production of hydrogen is being stored. In order to prepared for the large scale production and application of hydrogen, it is important to gain experience within demonstration projects at this very moment.

Gas purchasers, gas trade, gas production, transportation, producers of gas equipment.

We provide advice on feeding Green Gas, bio gas and hydrogen into the energy supply system and checking whether gas quality complies with the set specifications. The areas of application relate to distribution, network design, measurement of gas quality, odour characteristics, fiscal billing, the application, the safety aspects and investigating cases of damage.

Our combined knowledge resources mean that our advice can be used when developing sustainable gas policy.

Target groups

  • Gas network operators
  • Gas producers
  • Gas traders