Quite often we notice the misunderstanding that controls and compontents intented to be applied in gas appliances or gas equipment do not need to comply with the Gas Appliances Regulation (formerly GAD) However, the opposite is the case. Components and controls for gas appliances or gas equipment do have to comply with the GAR. The only small nuance is that the CE marking is not required on the product (label).

Examples of products that we test and certify on daily basis:

  • Pressure regulators (EN88 / EN 12864)
  • Manual operated Taps (EN 1106)
  • Pressure Switches and sensors (EN 1854)
  • Auto shut off valves (EN 161)
  • Multifunctional controls (EN 126)
  • Flame supervision devices (EN 125)
  • Electronic Burner Controls (EN 298)
  • Electronic gas – air ratio controls (EN 12067-2)
  • Burner Controls for Oil fuelled burners (EN 230)
  • Valve proving systems (electronic and mechanical; EN 1643)

Based on your request Kiwa sends you an offer specifying, among other things, the test program, sampling, inspection of your production process, and the certification schedule. Our offer takes account of the product test results you may already have acquired from other accredited test institutes. The result is a CE test report and a CE certificate. A CE surveillance agreement is the final step before you can enter the European market.