Het testproces

You have decided that you want your product, a component or (raw) material to be tested according to a certain regime - perhaps based on certain rules or regulations. (Not sure you want your product to be tested? Here are some reasons to help you decide.) Kiwa helps you by taking samples, performing all necessary tests and providing you with results that make sense. Here are a the steps to take:

  • 1

    Product development

    The possibilities are endless. But first and foremost, you need something to test. That means a product, component or material - newly developed or otherwise - which we then can test to determine its characteristics.

  • 2

    Test selection

    Together with you, we'll determine critical characteristics of the test object and choose a suitable testing regime.

  • 3

    Delivering samples

    You deliver or we collect samples of the product you want to have tested.

  • 4

    Testing process

    The testing process involves all necessary tests and evaluations to determine the characteristics and behaviour of your product, component or (raw) material. We can also batch test your product, which enables you to monitor the quality of your production.

  • 5


    After testing has concluded and results are in, we'll interpret them for you and provide you with a comprehensive testing report.


Our high-quality testing services have their price. How much you pay depends on the complexity and duration of tests we perform. Naturally, Kiwa will always provide you with an estimate of the time and cost involved prior to testing. Usually, you can earn back these costs easily as increased trust in your product generates more commercial possibilities.


When testing or evaluating, we do so strictly independently. We in turn are being supervised as well. The great majority of our testing labs has been accredited by the Accreditation Council and European accreditation institutions. Thus, we close the loop, bringing trust.

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