Fire safety products

Construction Product Regulation (CPR) No 305/2011

The certification of products needs to be done according to the Construction Product Regulation (CPR) No 305/2011. The scheme indicates to what standard(s) the product is compliant to and if there are regular product and/or factory inspections or product retests are involved.

Kiwa aims to make the certification process as easy as possible for you and will tailor to process to your needs and requirements. We will assist you every step along the way and take care of everything down to the smallest details.


For fire safety products we provide the following services:

  • Construction Product Regulation scheme (CPR).
  • When trying to bring fire safety and or security products to markets in different European countries, manufacturers are often faced with uncertainty regarding the standards against which their products should developed, tested and certified.
  • The EN 54 series applies to fire detection and fire alarm systems in and around buildings composed of several components that communicate for the purpose of detecting fire at the earliest practicable moment.
  • Although it has been known for centuries that carbon monoxide can be life-threatening, tens of thousands of people worldwide still die every year from CO poisoning. Carbon monoxide prevention therefore remains important, especially now that houses are becoming better insulated. Carbon monoxide detectors are an important tool in this regard, provided the detector is of good quality and meets the applicable requirements.