15 June 2022

Transition period EN 54-7:2018 ends this August

From August 2022 the standard EN 54-7:2000 for fire detection and fire alarm systems will officially be replaced by the updated version EN 54-7:2018. Manufacturers of EN 54-7:2000 certified products should have these additionally tested against EN 54-7-2018 requirements in order to be able to sell these products from August 2022.

EN 54-7 has been revised to align the second answer to the mandate M/109. It includes the following new clauses and annexes:

  • Clause 6: Assessment and verification of constancy of performance (AVCP);
  • Clause 7: Classification;
  • Clause 8: Marking, labelling and packaging;
  • Annex N (normative), Test set up for testing the protection against the effect of moving objects;
  • Annex O (normative): Apparatus open detector static object test;
  • Annex P (informative): Data supplied with point smoke detectors;
  • Annex ZA updated to the latest template.

The main technical changes are:

  • Applying the latest EN 50130-4:2011, EMC for immunity tests;
  • Introducing the open type smoke detector and related test methods and requirements;
  • Removing Annex N, Additional requirements and test methods for smoke detectors with more than one smoke sensor.

EN 54-7:2018 certification by Kiwa

Kiwa can help you to update your EN 54-7 certification. For more information please contact Albertine Ibrahim (albertine.ibrahim@kiwa.com or +31 (0)6 83638496) or Henry Rutjes (henry.rutjes@kiwa.com or +31 (0) 6 15647349).

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