Our cyber security services

Cyber-attacks or hacking can endanger business continuity. This could lead to financial hardships, reputational damage and loss of goodwill. In addition, new data protection legislature rules like the GDPR also calls for an integral ICT security approach to continuously map, improve and monitor all aspects of an organisation’s ICT. Nowadays society heavily depends on data. Information and communication technology solutions dominate our professional and personal lives and have even found their way to everyday domestic appliances like refrigerators, thermostats and lighting. The internet of things (IoT) comes with great business opportunities but also involves certain risks. And that’s where Kiwa cyber security experts come in. 

Privacy information security 

Information security in healthcare 

Improving service and communication in healthcare is often achieved by digitisationCertification, testing and training by Kiwa can bring the information security to the required level: 

Cyber threats 

The internet has an increasing influence on our livesSmart processesbuildings and appliances use digital solutionsPhishing, CEO-fraud, cryptoware act on vulnerabilities in digital applications and can cause great damage to your business operationThe role of human behaviour in this process is often underestimated. Kiwa testing and certification can help you manage these threats: 

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