• Kiwa takes Hydrogen Table to French gas distributor GRDF

    Kiwa’s Sjoerd Delnooz, Harald Ophoff, Mariël Hout and Sander Lueb recently visited the headquarters of Gaz Réseau Distribution France (GRDF) in Paris. Like Liander, Stedin and Enexis in the Netherlands, GRDF is responsible for the distribution of natural gas in France. Because France also considers hydrogen to be an important source of renewable energy, Kiwa showed about seventy GRDF employees the main differences between hydrogen and natural gas with the help of the Hydrogen Table.

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  • A video update on one of the HyDelta hydrogen research work packages each week

    HyDelta aims to take away the technical and scientific barriers that prevent a large-scale implementation of the hydrogen economy in the Netherlands. As one of the consortium members Kiwa takes care of several work packages in which the HyDelta programme is divided. From the first week of February we’ll give a short video update on one of those work packages each Thursday right here.

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  • Kiwa and Alliander open first Dutch hydrogen demo house

    Kiwa and Alliander are opening the Hydrogen Experience Centre in Apeldoorn today: a demonstration and training location set up as a private home where professionals learn how to convert the natural gas supply in residential areas for hydrogen application. In the Hydrogen Experience Centre, Kiwa and Alliander demonstrate that hydrogen can be used excellently as a fuel in the built environment.

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  • The potential of green hydrogen in the energy transition: the Octopus case

    Moroni & Partners, part of the Kiwa Group, has recently performed vendor technical advisor activities for Octopus Renewables, an operator specialized in investment management in the renewable energy sector, among which green hydrogen production plants.

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  • Kiwa hydrogen specialists contribute to Toyota Mirai

    From March this year it will be in the showroom, the new hydrogen powered Toyota Mirai. As usual, the Japanese car manufacturer did not go overnight in the development of its new vehicle and invested heavily in new components and techniques. Toyota turned to Kiwa to test new high pressure components for the new Mirai's hydrogen powertrain. Commercial manager Daan ten Have of Kiwa Alternative Fuels and Pressure Products tells more about it.

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  • Hydrogen Appliances Report for BEIS Case Study

    There is a strong movement to convert the UK’s existing natural gas grid to hydrogen, driven by ambitious carbon reduction targets. Widespread conversion from natural gas to hydrogen would make a huge contribution to achieving Britain’s emissions target of an 80 per cent cut in emissions (on 1990 levels) by 2050.

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  • Hy4Heat Project

    Hy4Heat forms part of a wider BEIS investigation into the most economic methods for decarbonising the UK’s heating needs. More generally, interest in hydrogen as a clean fuel is growing and we are involved in a number of government-funded and industry initiatives.

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  • H21

    Leeds’ existing gas infrastructure could be repurposed to deliver hydrogen for heating and cooking, instead of natural gas to the (population 760,000) over the next fifteen years. Kiwa Gastec was a Technical Lead in this Northern Gas Networks project, sponsored by GNIC. The technical expertise provided in this project is sought by utilities and innovators, often in government-backed initiatives.

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  • HyHouse project

    Kiwa Gastec was charged with evaluating the risks associated with using hydrogen in a domestic setting. This 'HyHouse' project took place in a two storey, three-bedroom farmhouse in Scotland provided by SSE.

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