Sustainable materials

Worldwide demand for raw materials is increasing. Many of these raw materials are not infinitely available, which can lead to scarcity and thus price increases. Some raw materials can also become the focus of trade conflicts. In addition, the extraction and processing of raw materials often has a major impact on the environment. It is therefore important to use raw materials more efficiently and to reduce the environmental consequences and become less dependent on international raw materials trade. Kiwa helps you demonstrate that your products are produced using sustainable materials.

To prevent raw materials for building materials from running out, the Dutch ‘Nationaal Grondstoffenakkoord’ (National Raw Materials Agreement) was signed in 2017. This stems from the ‘Nederland circulair in 2050’ (Netherlands Circular in 2050) program and contains agreements to make the Dutch economy run on reusable raw materials. The aim is to achieve sustainable growth by safeguarding the security of supply of raw materials and creating conditions in which circular business models can flourish. The agreement has been signed by over three hundred companies and organizations.

Do you want to show that the building materials you use are produced sustainably, taking into account their environmental impact? Or that you use materials that can be reused later? Kiwa has a number of certifications that guarantee the sustainability or circularity of buildings and materials.