Our services are used by construction companies, contractors and civil engineers.

We can assess the performance of virtually any material used in modern day heavy side  construction including Slip Resistance Testing, tensile strength, workable life, flow and setting time of concrete products, additives, admixtures and pigments, evaluation of concrete repair and cement materials.

Using internationally recognised BS, BSEN, ASTM and DIN standards alongside in-house methods, you can be assured of a professional and cost-effective testing service for the evaluation of:

  • Additives & Admixtures
  • Pigments (Cement & Lime)
  • Skid and Slip Resistance Testing
  • Cast Stone Products
  • Masonry Units
  • Precast Concrete Products
  • Cementitious Products
  • CE Marking Testing
  • Resins
  • Adhesive
  • Concrete Repair to EN 1504
  • Cement and Mortar 
  • Product Development
  • Concrete Testing (Fresh)
  • Hardened Concrete Testing
  • Bespoke Testing
  • Ultrasonic Evaluation and Crack Monitoring
  • Floor Screed Testing (RH/Moisture & BRE in-situ Crushing Resistance)
  • Concrete Cube Testing and Sampling