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We are Kiwa. With our assurance, testing, inspection, certification, training, consultancy and data services, we create trust in our customers' products, services, processes, (management) systems and employees.

We do so in a wide variety of markets segments, ranging from construction and energy supply to drinking water, healthcare, food, feed & farming. Areas of expertise include management systems, corporate social responsibility and lab testing, among many others.

We have clients in manufacturing and process industries, (business) services, public and private utilities, governments and international institutions.

12.000+ employees

Our company boasts a dynamic workforce of over 12,000 dedicated professionals. With their expertise and commitment, we continuously strive for excellence in delivering top-tier products and services to our global customer base.

35+ Countries

Operating in more than 35 countries, our extensive network of offices enables us to provide tailored solutions and support to clients worldwide. This expansive reach strengthens our ability to foster collaboration and understanding on a global scale.

200+ locations

Upholding our commitment to quality and safety, we maintain a vast network of over 200 locations, including offices and advanced testing laboratories, spread across the globe. 

Our story

The roots of entities around the globe that form the present-day Kiwa lie in the safeguarding of people's health and safety by providing a high quality verification service. In many cases, this role originated from a governmental mandate in sectors including gas, energy, drinking water and construction or production safety.

The Kiwa that gives the present-day company its name was founded in 1948 by the Dutch drinking water companies, They wanted to safeguard drinking water supply in the country by having every item that might come into contact with drinking water, examined. In those days, KIWA (in capitals) was an acronym for Keuringsinstituut voor WaterleidingArtikelen (Institution for the Examination of Waterworks Articles). Nowadays, we've dropped the acronym as today's Kiwa comprises much more than just drinking water expertise. We're globally active in a wealth of markets, offering a broad range of products and services.


Kiwa’s work in the early years focused on steel and cast-iron pipes and the protection of water quality. Get a glimpse into the world of pipes.

Man performing inspection on items back in the day in black and white

The Kiwa mark has been a sign of quality since the very beginning, and it has come in many guises depending on the product, factory, approach and more. Follow its evolution here.

The name "Kiwa" written

Tasked with the centralized testing of materials for the Association of Directors of Public Works, Kiwa introduced the KOMO quality mark for building materials. Follow its growth here.

Man performing inspection in 1962

With research in full flow and inspections broadening in their remit, Kiwa relied on its Workshop for instruments, fittings, testing facilities and measuring equipment. See some of the hardware.

Man performing equipment inspection in 1978

As Kiwa’s work in the water, construction and environmental sectors became more versatile, the company needed a more fitting name: Kiwa N.V. Explore this period of change.

H.R. Vorstman accreditation logo

The Dutch Rowing Association was the recipient of Kiwa’s first sports sponsorship, and Kiwa donated a new boat to help the Holland Eight go for gold. See the team and their medal here.

Dutch Rowing Team in action

CE Marking ensures products sold in the European Union meet certain requirements. In 1997, the Dutch government appointed Kiwa as a Notified Body for CE Marking – find out more here.

Kiwa becomes a designated notified body for CE Marking

During five years of global expansion, Kiwa branched out to Belgium, Germany, the UK, China and more. Take the journey with us here.

Nordum gebouw

Kiwa management decides to further expand internationally, and growth continued in all Kiwa countries. Explore some of our international projects here.

Gas Terra putting pen to paper

Kiwa expands services to several new markets, including automotive, machine building, medical products and food in Germany, and gas technology through the incorporation of Gastec in the Netherlands, the UK and Italy. Read about Gastec here.

Man inspecting gas

The Kiwa Beaver appears, standing for Kiwa’s sound nature, dynamic markets, professional attitude and straightforwardness. Meet the beaver here.

The Kiwa Beaver dancing playfully

Our portfolio expands into new markets, including roofs and façades, fire safety and security, and sports venues. Explore some of these markets and the services Kiwa offers.

Man inspecting quality of football field with ISA equipment

Inspecta, the largest TIC company in Scandinavia, the Baltics and Poland, joins the Kiwa Group, boosting Kiwa’s inspection of industrial installations, mining equipment, oil, gas and chemicals and marine equipment. Discover Inspecta.

Woman wearing a yellow jacket of Kiwa Inspecta

A new global corporate identity for Kiwa brings the group together, with a visible consistency that supports the company’s continued growth. Take a look at the brand evolution.

Flag with Kiwa logo

Kiwa joins SHV – a family-owned international company that – alongside Makro, ERIKS, Mammoet and more. Another surge in acquisitions and global expansion takes Kiwa to the international PV market, the cyber security and fire safety sectors, agri-food in Poland, construction in Australia and more. Explore it all here.

SHV and Kiwa representatives holding up a glass of champagne to celebrate their collaboration

Corporate social responsibility has been high on Kiwa’s agenda for many years, both within the company and as a service to clients. Explore our work in this area.

Group of people posing in nature with trash bags

Proud member of

the SHV family



Since 2021, we are a member of SHV Family of Companies. Over 56.750 people all over the world shape SHV, all sharing the same Purpose and Values.

The SHV Family of Companies consists of SHV Energy (energy distribution), Makro (cash-and-carry wholesale), Mammoet (heavy lifting and transport activities), Nutreco (animal nutrition and aquafeed), NPM Capital (exploration, development, providing private equity), ONE-Dyas (production of oil and gas) and Kiwa (testing, inspection and certification).

SHV fully endorses the importance of impartiality and avoidance of potential conflicts of interests in the TIC activities of Kiwa. Therefore, SHV does not in any way interfere in the primary TIC processes of Kiwa, where customers and authorities rely on the impartial technical competences, judgements and decisions of Kiwa staff.

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