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  • Opening new Fire Lab: certify your product 3 times faster!
    22 October 2019

    Apeldoorn - With the opening of Kiwa’s new Fire Lab, we certify your products on average three times faster than our competitors. In other words: a short lead time means a fast time to market for you as a customer.

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  • Kiwa implements eco-friendly accelerated notch pipe test (aNPT)
    7 October 2019

    The accelerated notch pipe test (aNPT) is developed to test PE100-RC pipes. It is performed exactly like the usual NPT (ISO 13479), but with one important difference: instead of using water, the pipe is placed in a detergent solution.

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  • Brexit Update
    3 October 2019

    Three years into the Brexit process, all possibilities are still possible and the outcome hard to predict, but given the statements made by our UK and EU politicians, preparations for a No Deal exit can be the basis for business risk mitigation planning.

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