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  • Meadow with windmills
    Renewable Energy Transition

    A new energy system is emerging. Global warming is prompting a reduction in the harmful carbon emissions associated with our current energy systems.

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  • Information security shield
    Cyber security

    For many organisations information is of ever increasing value. Your valuable data must therefore be secured. Kiwa’s data security experts can help you with this.

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  • Park with solar panels
    Sustainable entrepreneurship

    Read all about the possibilities within sustainable entrepreneurship and how Kiwa can help you with this.

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Proud sponsor

Kiwa is proud sponsor of the Dutch National Rowing Federation (KNRB). Our history with rowing goes back to the year 1992.The rowers are now preparing for the Paris Summer Olympics 2024.

Our partnership with the KNRB

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Latest News

  • Hydrogen
    Video: The Lower Flammability Limit of Hydrogen
    17 May 2024

    Dutch energy distributor Alliander asked Kiwa to research and visualize the combustion of hydrogen at low concentrations. Kiwa developed a special test box and recording. The video shows that at low concentrations, the probability of ignition of hydrogen is lower compared with natural gas.

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  • Safety Culture Ladder in the construction sector
    Safety Culture Ladder scheme revised
    5 April 2024

    The Safety Culture Ladder (SCL) is being increasingly utilized by organizations as a tool to measure and promote safety awareness. The SCL originated in the Dutch railway sector but is now being internationally employed by a wide range of organizations. This broader application prompted a revision of the SCL handbook and certification scheme, resulting in the introduction of Safety Culture Ladder 2.0, which has been in effect since the beginning of this year.

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  • Materials research in Kiwa's laboratory
    Quality and sustainability converge at Kiwa's material research laboratory
    19 March 2024

    As an authority in energy and water distribution, Kiwa has been involved in testing and certifying materials used in gas, water and other pipeline systems for years. Kiwa's material experts have accumulated a wealth of experience, utilized in residual lifetime and failure assessments, resulting in a well-equipped material research laboratory that serves the entire energy and water sector.

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