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  • Renewable Energy Transition

    A new energy system is emerging. Global warming is prompting a reduction in the harmful carbon emissions associated with our current energy systems.

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  • Cyber security

    For many organisations information is of ever increasing value. Your valuable data must therefore be secured. Kiwa’s data security experts can help you with this.

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  • Sustainable entrepreneurship

    Read all about the possibilities within sustainable entrepreneurship and how Kiwa can help you with this.

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Latest News

  • Kiwa investigates properties of liquid and supercritical CO₂
    9 June 2022

    One of the ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions is to capture and store or use released CO₂. To do this efficiently and safely, additional knowledge is needed about the properties of materials subjected to carbon dioxide. Kiwa has therefore invested in new facilities to investigate and test with high pressure CO₂.

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  • The future energy supply of the Netherlands will be a mix of electricity and gasses
    7 June 2022

    In 2018, the Dutch government decided to strive for a fossil-free energy supply by 2050 at the latest. Following that purpose and because of all the problems surrounding gas extraction in the province of Groningen, the Netherlands was supposed to get rid of gas as quickly as possible. What is the current state of that electrification decision? Has the role of gas in the energy mix completely been played out? Kiwa conducted research and published the results in the report “How the Dutch all-electric ambition was caught up by reality”.

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  • Kiwa VERIN issues first FPR certificate to ICL
    2 June 2022

    Fertilizer producer ICL (Everris International B.V.), supplier of plant nutrition and fertilization solutions for the agriculture, fruit and vegetable sector, the ornamental plant sector and golf and sports fields, was issued the first FPR certificate by Kiwa Verin on 12 April. Kiwa VERIN recently obtained full accreditation for the Fertilising Products Regulation (FPR) (EU) 2019/1009, the CE marking for fertilizing products, which will come into effect on 16 July.

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