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  • Renewable Energy Transition

    A new energy system is emerging. Global warming is prompting a reduction in the harmful carbon emissions associated with our current energy systems.

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  • Cyber security

    For many organisations information is of ever increasing value. Your valuable data must therefore be secured. Kiwa’s data security experts can help you with this.

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  • Sustainable entrepreneurship

    Read all about the possibilities within sustainable entrepreneurship and how Kiwa can help you with this.

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Latest News

  • NEW Kiwa 20% Hydrogen Ready Mark
    16 November 2022

    The new (voluntary) Kiwa 20% Hydrogen Mark for natural gas appliances burning up to 20% Hydrogen admixture, using EN15502 as the reference standard.

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  • Publication: Technical considerations when testing hydrogen valves with air
    11 November 2022

    Hydrogen produced from renewable energy sources can make an important contribution to reducing greenhouse gas emissions. When hydrogen gas is to be transported through the existing gas pipelines, the safety level has to be at least the same as for the transportation of natural gas. This means that important safety questions need to be answered, for example when it comes to the leak tightness of pipes and components that are used with hydrogen gas.

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  • Kiwa sponsor Forze Hydrogen Racing
    8 November 2022

    In the coming year, Kiwa will sponsor Forze Hydrogen Racing, the student team that specializes in racing on hydrogen. Kiwa not only supports Forze financially, but also contributes in the form of advice and validation of hydrogen systems. Forze Hydrogen Racing has been developing hydrogen racing cars since 2007 and wants to promote hydrogen as the fuel of the future in the automotive sector.

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