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Latest News

  • First Safety Culture Ladder certification by Kiwa Belgium
    20 January 2021

    Kiwa Belgium has awarded Belgian network provider Elia with the prestigious international Safety Culture Ladder (SCL) certificate.

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  • Kiwa hydrogen specialists contribute to Toyota Mirai
    12 January 2021

    From March the new hydrogen powered Toyota Mirai will be in the showroom. Toyota turned to Kiwa to test new high pressure components for the new Mirai's hydrogen powertrain.

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  • Expansion of the Kiwa fleet!
    11 January 2021

    Kiwa and the Dutch National Rowing Association (KNRB) expanded their partnership. In addition to the women’s eight, the collaboration includes the women’s coxless four as well as of January 2021.

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Latest Stories

  • 4 min
    Protecting critical infrastructure: the role of a new cybersecurity standard

    Technology continues to evolve exponentially, leading to more efficient and productive industrial processes, but also bigger cybersecurity risks. How do you protect organizations' key processes and critical infrastructure?

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  • 3 min
    Why certifying your Fire Safety and Security products is a wise – and necessary – choice

    Fire safety equipment can safe your life and prevent major damage. Let us inform you how Kiwa certification ensures that devices do what they have to do and meet requirements set.

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  • 4 min
    The future of auditing: 5 tech trends that’ll change the game

    You think remote auditing is ground-breaking? Kiwa’s corporate IT expert Eric Laan spotlights five (plus one) game-changing tech trends and innovations in auditing.

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