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Latest News

  • IFS Food V8 for food safety published: key changes
    24 May 2023

    Designed to optimize food safety, enhance quality management, and prioritize customer satisfaction, IFS Food Version 8 introduces new requirements and guidelines that businesses need to be aware of. The release of IFS Food Version 8 marks an important milestone in the world of food safety and quality management.

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  • T2 Utility Engineers Celebrates 30 Years of Subsurface Utility Engineering
    9 May 2023

    T2 Utility Engineers, member of the Kiwa Group, is celebrating 30 years of providing Subsurface Utility Engineering services. Thanks to the support of clients and the work of our outstanding team members, T2ue provides Subsurface Utility Engineering and related services for more than 2,000 projects each year from 26 offices in the United States and four offices in Canada.

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  • Raw Materials Database for drinking water products launched
    8 May 2023

    Certifiers DVGW CERT and Kiwa and German water and gas sector association figawa will work together on the development and management of a database for raw materials used in products and equipment for drinking water. This Raw Materials Database should shorten the approval process of raw materials, which saves manufacturers costs and importantly reduces the time to market.

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  • New approach on building a management system

    Built on strong SaaS expertise, Kiwa Comply™ saves time and streamlines processes with its extensive guidance material and connections between requirements. It simplifies documentation, enhances consistency, and facilitates information maintenance, offering a customer-oriented approach to building and maintaining quality systems.

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  • Remote-controlled robots inspect wind turbines without putting humans in danger

    Wind turbine inspection is important to ensure their smooth and efficient operation. You have to prevent blade erosion; the surface ages bit by bit, and as a result, over a turbine’s lifetime, less and less energy is generated.

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  • Beekeeping, Beyond a Pastime – The Essential Role of Bees

    At a maximum speed of 30 km/h, they fly through the air, the bees, from flower to flower and collect the precious nectar to turn it into honey. In doing so, they really make a difference. The bees travel no less than 120,000 km to produce a jar of honey (500g). That's the distance of three circumnavigations of the earth.

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