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  • Kiwa integrates AQS Polska and strengthens footprint in global Food, Feed and Farm market
    15 April 2019

    AQS Polska, an independent inspection body mainly active in the food sector, is now part of the Kiwa Group. With the acquisition of AQS Polska, Kiwa aims to strengthen both its footprint in the international Food, Feed and Farm market and in its Polish activities.

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  • New German regulations for materials in contact with drinking water
    15 April 2019

    The German Environment Agency (UBA) has published new regulations with respect to materials and products in contact with drinking water. From March 2021, current KTW certificates will lose their validity. Kiwa can help you to smoothly convert your product approval(s) towards the new regulation.

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  • April 7: International Beaver Day
    4 April 2019

    As you might know, the beaver is part of Kiwa's corporate identity, and it's inextricably linked to many of our values. Therefore we celebrate International Beaver Day on April 7.

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