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  • Kiwa joins forces with IVAC to strengthen Certification activities in Spain
    13 January 2022

    Kiwa has recently joined forces with IVAC-Instituto de Certificacion, a leading Spanish conformity assessment company specialized in management systems and persons certification.

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  • Kiwa partners with Intega Group after delisting
    20 December 2021

    Kiwa succeeded in partnering with Intega. The approval from Supreme Court of New South Wales to delist Intega Group enabled Kiwa Australia to acquire all ordinary shares.

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  • New HyDelta study published: Entry of air into hydrogen pipeline in case of pipe rupture
    17 December 2021

    Dutch national research programme HyDelta published its most recent update to its research program on the topic of “Entry of air into a hydrogen pipeline in case of a pipe rupture”. Kiwa Netherlands has performed the research.

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Latest Stories

  • 2 min
    Magnetic inductive testing: safely uphill in Norwegian ski resorts

    Ski resorts must meet strict regulations to ensure the safety of their guests. Kiwa helps with this by carrying out the necessary inspections of ski elevators and cable cars using Magnetic inductive testing. as for example at Vrådal Panorama Ski Center in Norway.

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  • 3 min
    Digital twinning: continuous inspection through bits and bytes

    Production processes, the deflections of concrete or metal structures, the movements of wind turbines: with sensors on different parts of a single construction, machine or process, you can create a 'digital twin' - a digital copy of the original. This opens up unprecedented new possibilities for inspection and continuous monitoring.

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  • 3 min
    Capturing and capitalizing the power of the sun

    Next to being one of the most important sustainable energy solutions, solar energy offers great business opportunities. Kiwa helps solar manufacturers to increase the quality of products and investors decrease and mitigate risks to improve their return on investment.

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