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Local presence, international outlook

In the map below, you will be able to locate all of our active offices worldwide, ranging from the Far East to the United States. We have taken care to include the precise location and contact details of each of our offices, so that you can easily reach out to the one closest to you.

How we help improve business and society

  • Hydrogen filling station certified by Kiwa
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  • Wind turbine park inspections by Kiwa

More than just a TIC company

Commitment to Sustainability

More than two-thirds of our services directly relate to Environmental, Social, and/or Governance (ESG) development, underlining our commitment to a sustainable future.

Heritage and Evolution

Established in 1948 with a focus on water safety, Kiwa has evolved into a multifaceted service provider without losing its core value of trust.

Independence and Impartiality

As an independent and impartial entity, Kiwa ensures unbiased and reliable services, free from conflicts of interest.

Introducing Kiwa Lab Capabilities

Navigate through Kiwa's extended landscape of laboratory solutions with our detailed testing directory, embodying the essence of more than 3000 capabilities within 80 laboratories around the globe.

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