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Latest News

  • Kiwa Italy adds CREI Ven to the family
    21 October 2020

    Kiwa Italia has signed a definitive agreement to acquire the majority of CREI Ven Laboratory, a company offering global solutions in the fields of electrical safety, electromagnetic compatibility, radio equipment and renewable energy.

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  • European Rowing Championships: Bronze medal for Kiwa Eight!
    12 October 2020

    The Dutch Women’s Eight rowing team has won the bronze medal at the European Rowing Championships in Poland this weekend! Kiwa is one of the proud sponsors of this group of rowers.

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  • Kiwa is leading the way in developing competency training
    5 October 2020

    Kiwa has opened its first Virtual Training Center at Kiwa Finland's headquarters in Helsinki, offering customers the ability to save costs and time, and speed up the qualification process.

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Latest Stories

  • 3 min
    In-house analysis leads to quicker lab results

    Many compliance checks involve chemical testing – checking samples taken on-site to make sure they meet regulations. The Kiwa Analytical Chemical Lab provides the experts and equipment needed.

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  • 4 min
    Giulia Botta: “I like facing tough issues”

    Working at Kiwa since November, 2017, Giulia gladly dives into all kinds complex technical projects.

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  • 2 min
    Why a good pitch wins games

    When players kick the ball during a match, they want to know that it will behave predictably. Needed: a high-quality and reliable surface. That's where Kiwa kicks in.

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