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  • Successful CSR recertification audit for Kiwa
    23 January 2019

    Kiwa has just passed a successful recertification audit on its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) efforts for 18 Kiwa sites spread over eight countries. During the audit, many good results were presented in areas of reduction of energy usage and other resources, improved communication with stakeholders and more.

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  • Stay up to date on Brexit
    21 January 2019

    Brexit will have an impact on international Testing, Inspection and Certification (TIC) activities. Whether or not arrangements can be agreed for Notified Bodies and their customers, is unclear yet. On our information page about Brexit we inform you about the impact of Brexit on TIC services.

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  • Updated Kiwa KOAC truck collects all road data in one run
    14 December 2018

    Kiwa owns the largest and most advanced high-end road measuring truck in the world. The truck can collect all functional properties of any road track in only one go, instead of 3 to 4 runs with different vehicles. Last week we made a road trip throughout Germany to show the truck to road authorities.

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