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Latest News

  • Kiwa issues first KiwaGreen certificate to Hundhausen Kunststofftechnik
    23 November 2022

    Kiwa has issued the first KiwaGreen certificate and the Covenant Cable Protection Pipe of recycled polyethylene to Hundhausen Kunststofftechnik in Germany. The certification shows that the company is working towards becoming energy or climate neutral in the future and contributing to a more sustainable world through its products.

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  • UKCA - Latest Update
    22 November 2022

    On 14 November 2022 the UK Government announced some further changes to the UKCA deadlines which were originally amended on 20 June 2022. Read more about the updates here.

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  • Kiwa now offers SMETA audits in Europe
    18 November 2022

    Kiwa can from now on perform SMETA audits in Europe. An agreement for this was signed between Kiwa Deutschland GmbH and her authorized partner to provide SEDEX assessments.

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  • Facing the MDR: Kiwa races to help customers transition

    Huge numbers of medical devices manufacturers will have to comply to the Medical Devices Regulation (MDR) by May 2024 to be able to market their products in Europe. Kiwa helps clients throughout Europe, and beyond, with this challenge.

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  • Digital X-rays: the future of material inspection

    Materials used in pipelines, machines and other industrial assets have traditionally been inspected visually or by means of X-ray imaging on film. Our colleagues at Kiwa Finland are among the world’s leading experts in using a new method: digital radiography, or digital X-ray imaging.

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  • Protecting information through continuous improvement: ISO/IEC 27001

    Information security is a major consideration for organisations around the world. Fortunately, the ISO/IEC 27000 family of standards is here to help to better secure corporate information assets. In 2022, ISO 27001 and its extension 27002 are subject to change. Marjolein Veenstra from Kiwa knows all about these standards and helps our customers on their journey towards continuous improvement of their information security.

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