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Consumer Products

Your customer, the consumer, is demanding increasing evidence of the quality, safety, healthiness and durability of the products you manufacture. With profitability, time-to-market and flexible sourcing also being more important than ever, Kiwa offers testing, inspection, certification and associated services for a wide and growing range of products, from concept to consumer. Furthermore, we help you stay ahead of continuous technical and regulatory developments. We support products ranging from electrical devices like smartphones, radios and other personal equipment to heating and cooking systems for homes, and many more. We are there for you as an innovation partner when it comes to introducing entirely new products and services.

  • Demonstrate quality and safety
  • Anticipate technology and regulations
  • Wide range of services
Services (142 results)
NIS2 European Cybersecurity Directive

Cybersecurity remains a hot topic, not only due to the increasing number of hacks and ransomware attacks but also from the perspective of regulators and the evolving legal framework in this area. European member states are currently preparing for the transposition of the Network and Information Security Directive 2 (NIS2) into national legislation.

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Rubber rings
Drinking Water Materials Testing – BS 6920

BS 6920 is a requirement for manufacturers and suppliers of non-metallic materials/products that are used in contact with drinking water.

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Ü-mark – German High-Quality Mark for Construction Products

The Ü-mark indicates the usability of a construction product in Germany according to national requirements which are not covered by CE marking.

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FI Mark Drinking Water Approval

The FI drinking water approval is a quality mark and demonstrates that the product complies with the applicable regulatory requirements regarding to the plastic pipe material and possible odour or taste passed on from the pipe to water.

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BRCGS (BRC) Food Certification

Kiwa Agri Food | We are proudly a BRCGS (BRC) Certification Body.

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Corporate Social Responsibility Certificate
KIWAGREEN for products improving the health of people and planet - K15014

The KIWAGREEN certificate supports the demand and the supply of products and services which cause less stress on the environment.

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Inspection of Electrical Installations

Safe electrical installations are essential to a property and a major part of any construction project. Kiwa Inspecta helps you to ensure that your property and operation has safer electrical installations and your employees are properly trained to minimize danger.

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Bio Suisse organic association inspection

The EU organic regulation does not apply in Switzerland. The privately organised Bio Suisse organic standard is aimed at farmers, processors and traders who want to sell organic products with a Bio Suisse label in Switzerland. Anyone wishing to supply organic products for sale or processing must be certified in accordance with the Bio Suisse standards so that the products can be labelled with the Bud logo in Switzerland. We are happy to carry out the Bio Suisse inspection for you in all countries where we are approved to do so.

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Global Market Access

Product approvals for the global market

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Electrical safety testing at Kiwa's EMC and LVD test labs in South Wales
Electrical Equipment and Appliances

Kiwa has been - amongst others - a Notified Body for the Low Voltage Directive and E.M.C. Directive for many years. Curently Kiwa is also a NCB, with several CBTL’s.

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Measurement systems Combustion Test Rig including input measurement

Kiwa’s combustion test rigs including input measurement are custom designed for development purposes, testing and certification, for forced draught gas-and oil-fired burners. The combustion test rig including input measurement is suitable for meas...

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Auditor in field of wind energy windmill
ISO 50001 Energy Management

ISO 50001 Energy Management system certification with Kiwa: conserve resources, save money and mitigate climate change.

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Heat pump
Heat pump testing (EN 14511-14825-16147-12102 and NTA 8800)

Heat pumps provide an environmentally friendly way to both heat and cool buildings and to take care of hot water supplies. An increasing number of new products are emerging in the marketplace, all of which must comply with European directives.

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Inspection for Construction Product Certificates and Approvals

Safeguard approved construction products continue measuring up to the requirements with inspection by an independent inspection body. Kiwa Sverige AB is accepted in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden for conducting inspection for; GDV, SINTEF, STF and VA.

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Tapping a glass of water in the kitchen
UBA – German Evaluation Criteria for Products and Materials in Contact with Drinking Water

In Germany, plastic products of all kinds as well as rubber products that come into contact with drinking water must meet the hygienic and toxicological requirements of the guidelines of the Federal Environment Agency test (UBA). This is described in the elastomer guideline as well as in the KTW guideline.

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Japan MIC Certification and Testing

In order to be admitted to the Japanese market, specified radio equipment such as cellular phones, wireless LAN products and business purpose radio products are required to conform to the technical standards regulated by the Japanese Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (MIC). As a registered MIC certification body Kiwa provides professional and independent MIC testing and certification services.

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NOP - National Organic Program (USA)

The National Organic Program NOP is part of the US Department of Agriculture (USDA). Kiwa BCS is accredited in 2002. Certification under NOP regulations entitles a company to use the USDA NOP seal in accordance with the requirements of the Regulation.

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Quality control
Rubber, physical-mechanical-chemical testing

Rubber | Physical-mechanical-chemical testing

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Battery testing according to UN 38.3

Batteries containing lithium must be tested in accordance with UN 38.3 to ensure safe transport.

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A full waste bag
AD 9901 Garbage bags

Garbage bags for the collection and disposal of garbage, including household garbage as well as the packaging of the garbage bags. The bags can be closed with a closing strip.

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Cosmetics: all kinds of lipstick colors
ISO 22716 Cosmetics - GMP - Guidelines on Good Manufacturing Practices

ISO 22716 Cosmetics - Good Manufacturing Practices with Kiwa: Regulations for systematic and organisational product safety and quality control to be followed throughout the manufacture of cosmetics

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Certification SSF 1014 and SSF114 security equipment

Manufacturers who want to introduce security equipment on the Swedish market must ensure that their products have been tested according to the Swedish standard SSF 1014 and certified by the Swedish certification authority Svensk Brand- och SäkerhetsCertifiering (SBSC). Kiwa is a designated test lab for SSF 1014.

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Electric and electronic products and components testing and certification

Kiwa is a Notified Body for the LVD and EMC directive. Kiwa is also a partner of VDE institute and offers the following services for electrical products: CE testing, Kiwa certification, IECEE CB certification scheme, VDE certification, GS certification, Certification for North America and Canada, CSS.

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Energy Star

Kiwa can test and arrange the certification according to the requirements of the label Energy Star. Energy Star is the internationally recognized energy efficiency label used in the United States.

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