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From Intega to Kiwa Group Pty Ltd

After merging with Kiwa, Intega is now Kiwa Group Pty Ltd.
Our companies are still open for business as usual across Australia, New Zealand, United States of America and Canada!

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Some of the latest projects

  • South Flank: Pilbara, WA
  • NorthConnex Sydney
  • Pacific Highway Upgrade: East Coast NSW
  • New Parallel Runway: Brisbane Airport
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Latest News

  • CMW Geosciences in Australia and New Zealand joins Kiwa family
    18 October 2022

    As of 14 October 2022, Kiwa Group (Australia and North America) and CMW Geosciences have merged. CMW Geosciences joins the growing family of Kiwa businesses in the Asia-Pacific region including Construction Sciences, SureSearch, Trilab and Geochempet Services.

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  • Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive: call for fair market access independent assurance services providers
    17 June 2022

    Last year the EC adopted a proposal for the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive. Kiwa welcomes the initiative on adequate corporate sustainability reporting wholeheartedly. Professional evaluation by an accredited organization is essential for the credibility of the CSRD. Kiwa supports the call for fair market access for independent assurance service providers in the context of the CSRD.

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  • Kiwa investigates properties of liquid and supercritical CO₂
    9 June 2022

    One of the ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions is to capture and store or use released CO₂. To do this efficiently and safely, additional knowledge is needed. Kiwa has invested in new facilities to investigate and test with high pressure CO₂.

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