• Hydrogen

    There is clear potential for hydrogen as renewable energy source for both the built environment and the transport sector. Kiwa provides testing, certification and technical guidance at all aspects of the hydrogen chain, from generation to end use.

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  • Mobility

    Mobility shows one of the most visible changes of the Energy Transition. Kiwa is fully involved in changing the way we travel on a sustainable way, offering testing and certification services to customers who develop, manufacture or sell alternative fuels as an energy carrier in the mobility market.

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  • Solar & Wind

    Renewables are the most growing and important businesses in the energy market. Kiwa offers an extensive portfolio of TIC services for the Solar and Wind energy sector, able to provide one stop shop for the entire value chain.

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    Solar & Wind
  • Electrical Appliances

    Technical, constructional and documentation evaluation of electrical appliances is important to assure safe operation of the product. Certification is also necessary to be able to sell the product worldwide. Kiwa is accredited and equipped to support manufacturers and importers with this.

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    Electrical Appliances
  • Gas Appliances

    Consumers and professional users are demanding increasing evidence of the quality, safety, healthiness and durability of the products they buy. Kiwa offers all necessary TIC services for gas appliances according to the applicable standards. Not only for the traditional gasses, but also for the renewable ones like hydrogen.

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    Gas Appliances
  • Wireless Functionalities

    The wireless technologies segment is rapidly expanding. Wireless Communication, ITE and Electrical and Electronic domestic products need to be Tested, Approved, and Certified to ensure the quality, including safety to the individual country’s requirement. Kiwa is your partner in this.

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    Wireless Functionalities
  • IoT & ICT

    IoT provides opportunities to create more refined energy systems that ultimately benefit the environment and the people using it. But these smart energy systems can also generate threats. Kiwa is your partner in tackling challenges in the complex chains of renewable energy systems.

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    IoT & ICT
  • Co2 Footprint

    Solar panels, heat pumps and other devices that contribute to a sustainable energy supply are ideally produced with the lowest CO2 footprint possible at organization and product level.

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    Co2 Footprint
  • Management Systems

    Management system certifications help organizations in any market to achieve their business goals, including objectives in the field of sustainability, environment and energy.

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    Management Systems
  • P2X

    e-Methane and e-Methanol will be the go-to renewable energy regarding hydrogen and fuel solutions for the transportation sector. Kiwa can help you turn your renewable energy into the e-fuels of the future.

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