Accreditations and notifications

Being able to trust the quality of services and products becomes more important in daily life. Accreditation and notification ensure that this trust is justified; they see to it that Kiwa executes its TIC activities the proper way. The Accreditation bodies: A2LA (America), Accredia (Italy), ANSI, ASI, BELAC (Belgium), DAkkS (Germany), EAK (Estonia) ENAC (Spain), FINAS (Finland), IANZ (New Zealand), LATAK (Latvia), NATA (Australia), Norsk Akkreditering (Norway), Swedac (Sweden), PCA (Poland), Türkak (Turkey), Raad voor Accreditatie (the Netherlands) and UKAS (United Kingdom) regularly visit Kiwa and review our activities.

Kiwa is accredited and notified for a broad scope of activities. See the pdf documents for detailed information. For verification of our notifications, visit the website of NANDO (New Approach Notified and Designated Organisations).

Besides these accreditations and notifications, Kiwa is also recognized as Approval Body, Accepted Laboratory and for Accredited Training.

Notified Body number 0063 for Kiwa Netherlands

December 6, 2019

Kiwa Netherlands formerly had three Notified Body numbers for the CE testing and certification of products for the European market. European regulations determine that each certifying body must have one unique number. Therefore, going forward the European Commission has requested Kiwa to use one NB number. From now on, Kiwa Netherlands only use the NB number 0063. If you have been certified under the ‘old’ numbers NB 0620 and NB 0956, you don't need to adjust your CE certificates. For more information please have a look at this page.

Approval Body

  • Construction Products
  • UK Water Regulations Product Approval for Plumbing Products
  • UK Building Regulations Product Approval for Unvented Water Heaters

Accepted laboratory*

  • DVGW: German Water Related Products
  • Product Testing Plumbing Products (UK Water Regulations)
  • TMV3 (UK NHS Spec DO8) Thermostatic Mixing Valves
  • WRAS: UK Water Regulations Advisory Scheme

* Product Testing services only. Product approval/certification by other bodies.

Accredited training

  • ACS requirements for CORGI registration (gas)
  • NIC Part P Domestic Installer Scheme DISQ
  • OFTEC oil technicians