Beware of fake Kiwa certificates in China

There are organizations active in China that sell counterfeit Kiwa certificates. If you want to certify your products, services or processes in China, do not use the services of these organizations such as, because the certificates you obtain will not be valid.

Make sure your certification is valid

Do you want to be sure that your certification is carried out by an accredited organization and that the certification of your Chinese products or services is valid? Please contact Kiwa China. We are evaluated in a transparent way by several accreditation bodies, audited by external organizations and qualified by governmental bodies. These organizations see to it that we execute our testing, inspection and certification activities the proper way.

We are strictly independent and not involved in manufacturing, trading or other activities that might endanger our impartiality. There is no external influence on our decisions or opinions regarding the outcomes of our own operational activities. Our management and personnel understand the crucial importance of objectivity and impartiality in carrying out certification, testing and inspection. We analyze our activities on a regular basis to identify possible conflicts of interest to ensure undisturbed objectivity and impartiality.

Kiwa - Beware of fake Kiwa certificates in China

Kiwa accreditations in China

Do you want to know if a company in China has been officially certified by us? Please contact our Kiwa China office.

The address of our Kiwa office in Guangzhou is:

Room 209, No. 46, Nanxiang 3rd Road
Luogang District, Guangzhou, 510663, China

You can contact us via:

Tel: +86 (0)20 3229 0216
Or use the contact form on this page

The address of our Kiwa Taiwan office is:

12F-2, No.659., sec.1, Neihu Rd, Taipei, Taiwan, China
Tel: +886 (0)2 2798 5288

Do you have any further questions? Please let us know via the contact form on this page.