• Farming and Livestock

    Demonstration of food safety, sustainability and other requirements in the food chain starts with farming and livestock in order to guarantee that the entire supply chain can meet the applicable requirements.

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    farmer vegetables
  • Organic

    Kiwa is one of the pioneers of the organic movement in Europe. We carry out inspections and certifications in all areas of organic production: for farmers, processors, distributors, importers, exporters and warehouses.

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  • Feed Manufacturing

    Animal feeds and their ingredients have a key role to play in the safety of food produced from livestock entering the food chain. So it’s essential to ensure that animal feed is safe from the outset, and complies with regulations, as well as being nutritious for the animal

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    Animal feed
  • Food Manufacturing

    Food manufacturing includes activities such as production, processing, packaging of food products. A large number of certifications apply to food manufacturers. Driven by the desire to have an effective control system, also demanded by the food chain.

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  • Logistics and packaging

    Certification throughout the food chain is important to demonstrate to your customers which requirements you meet with regard to food safety, sustainability, quality and other subjects. This also applies to the logistics and packaging sector, to make transparent which requirements you meet.

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  • Food trade, hospitality and retail

    One of the last steps in the food chain is the retail & hospitality industry. To ensure that the consumer receives the best product, the last link in the chain is also important when it comes to meeting applicable requirements.

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