• Training

    We deliver both classroom-based and e-learning training courses.

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  • Inspections

    Whether it be long-standing problems with rodent, insect or birds pests, or a pest control related non-conformity raised during an audit, we can assist.

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  • Data Analysis & Heat Mapping

    Trend analysis of pest monitoring data is a requirement of most food safety standards. Much useful information is gathered in pest monitoring programmes but all too often little or no use is made of it.

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    Data Analysis & Heat Mapping
  • Remote Rodent Monitoring

    Rodents don't read text-books. Baits and traps remain the mainstay for control, but they frequently do not provide an accurate picture of rodent activity.

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    Remote Rodent Monitoring
  • Insect Identification

    Customer complaints relating to contamination of food products by insect pests, or bits of them, are common.

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    Insect Identification
  • Pest Resistant Packaging

    Just how well will a carton of breakfast cereal or dry pet-food withstand moths and beetles in a warehouse or cash and carry during its 6 to 12 month shelf-life?

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    Pest Resistant Packaging
  • Pest Management Publications

    Acheta has several useful in-house written free publications available

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    Pest Management Publications