Building Materials

The correct use and application of a multitude of different materials is a determining factor in construction project quality. The quality of construction products is usually deemed self-evident, but you can also demonstrate this through a product certificate. To support the certification process, Kiwa can perform a wide range of tests for you in one of our (internationally accredited) state-of-the-art laboratories...

Additionally, the correct fitting, assembly and use of construction materials are decisive in achieving the required level of building quality, for which a process certificate offers quality assurance. Kiwa has extensive expertise in the area of independently monitoring the quality and use of building materials such as timber, concrete, steel, glass, roofing, cladding, insulation, plastics, asphalt and ceramic products.

We are also a designated Notified Body for a large number of construction products and we can assist you in correctly interpreting the increasingly complex local and European construction regulations (including, for example, CE marking).

  • Prove compliance
  • Demonstrate quality
  • Prompt and reliable service
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Testing, inspection and certification of concrete according to EN 206

Kiwa supports you with all services concerning testing, inspection and certification of concrete according to EN 206 and concrete products. For in-situ concrete, we inspect and certify e.g., according to national standards. Furthermore, we have all the testing facilities for in-situ testing and laboratory testing.

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Testing, inspection and certification of floor coverings

Testing, inspection and certification of floor coverings. Waterproofing membranes including liquid applied waterproofing and kits (for waterproofing against water and/or steam).

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Rubber rings
Drinking Water Materials Testing – BS 6920

BS 6920 is a requirement for manufacturers and suppliers of non-metallic materials/products that are used in contact with drinking water.

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inspection for construction product certificates and approvals
Ü-mark – German High-Quality Mark for Construction Products

The Ü-mark indicates the usability of a construction product in Germany according to national requirements which are not covered by CE marking.

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Recycled Plastic
Plastica Seconda Vita (PSV) Certification

The Plastica Seconda Vita (PSV) mark is the first European Environmental Product Certification system for products and materials obtained from the valorisation of plastic waste.

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INSTA-CERT product certification
FI Mark Drinking Water Approval

The FI drinking water approval is a quality mark and demonstrates that the product complies with the applicable regulatory requirements regarding to the plastic pipe material and possible odour or taste passed on from the pipe to water.

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Testing, Inspection and Certification of Aggregates

The quality of aggregates and fillers is defined in the product standards EN 12620 (concrete), EN 13043 (asphalt), EN 13242 (unbound and hydraulically bound building materials) or EN 13383-1 (armour stone) depending on the field of application. Kiwa tests aggregates with several methods.

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Testing, Inspection and Certification of other CPR-Products

For construction products for which a harmonized European standard is not available (e.g. due to special features), there is the possibility of applying a voluntary CE. For the voluntary route, the first draft of a European Technical Assessment (ETA) and/or European Assessment Document (EAD) is mandatory.

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inspection for construction product certificates and approvals
Inspection for Construction Product Certificates and Approvals

Safeguard approved construction products continue measuring up to the requirements with inspection by an independent inspection body. Kiwa Sverige AB is accepted in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden for conducting inspection for; GDV, SINTEF, STF and VA.

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Tapping a glass of water in the kitchen
UBA – German Evaluation Criteria for Products and Materials in Contact with Drinking Water

In Germany, plastic products of all kinds as well as rubber products that come into contact with drinking water must meet the hygienic and toxicological requirements of the guidelines of the Federal Environment Agency test (UBA). This is described in the elastomer guideline as well as in the KTW guideline.

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CE-Marking of Cement, Building Lime and Other Hydraulic Binders

Kiwa supports you in obtaining the necessary certification and carries out the annual inspection of the plant as well as regular audit testing of your products in accordance with the prescribed standards.

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Testing of Fasteners and fixings

We are specialized in testing of anchors in concrete and masonry. Your partner to get trusted results on fasteners.

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Product UKCA Marking

Kiwa can provide UKCA Mark and CE Mark guidance on gas, solid fuel, radio, electrical and electronic appliances. 

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Building Product Testing

Kiwa CMT | We test building materials - from raw to finished products

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Building Products Chemical Analysis

Kiwa CMT | We provide chemical analysis for building products

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Plastic recycling
RecyClass Certification for Plastics Recyclers

The RecyClass (former EuCertPlast) Certification is an International certification program for companies that recycle or make use post-consumer plastic waste / recycled materials. As an accredited RecyClass auditor, Kiwa can carry out the certification of your recycling and / or manufacturing plant.

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People are skydiving
Weather-tightness – solar energy systems

Determination of the wather-tightness of solar energy systems in roofs.

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Structures Testing

Kiwa CMT | Structures, geotechnical, waste and construction materials testing

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Certification of Gypsum products

Gypsum products certification with Kiwa: ensure and improve your performance, meet customers’ needs and prove the quality of your products and systems. With certified products, you are assured of the use of products that meet minimum product performances and quality requirements.

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Testing of thermal insulation products and systems

A Kiwa test provides you with a certificate with a product certification scheme for the production and application of thermal insulation materials for facade structures with stone-like hollow walls or with panels.

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Certification, inspection and testing of reinforced steel

Kiwa tests, inspects and certifies reinforced steel, reinforcing bars, coils and meshes, lattice girders, de-coiled reinforcing coils.

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Building inspection
Testing of curtain walls, cladding and structural sealant glazing

Tests at Kiwa simulate the real conditions on a construction site and use all materials to be tested, such as frames, glass, sealing materials, gaskets and anchoring devices. Thermal transmittance DIN EN 12412-2. Sound measurement according to DIN EN 20140.

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Coal Tar Testing

Kiwa CMT | We test coal tar.

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Geotechnical Testing

Our geotechnical services are used by construction and civil engineers, highways and local authorities. We offer a wide range of site investigation and laboratory testing services.

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