As an entrepreneur in the manufacturing industry, you face high stakeholder and customer demands and an ever more globalising market. Supply chains stretch far and wide and involve many subcontractors. Everything needs to function perfectly, on a high quality level, without interruptions, within budget and according to schedule...


Kiwa is well aware of your needs; our well-trained and experienced experts can help you with skilled, independent and impartial testing, inspection and certification services within and around your entire supply and production chains.

We offer calibration services for your assets, help you develop people competencies through education and thus make sure manufacturing keeps flowing as smoothly as possible. This in turn means that you gain trust and are compliant with regulations and demands in the many different markets your global business operates in.

  • Skilled and independent services
  • Asset calibration
  • Increase trust and compliancy
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Ü-mark – German High-Quality Mark for Construction Products

The Ü-mark indicates the usability of a construction product in Germany according to national requirements which are not covered by CE marking.

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FI Mark Drinking Water Approval

The FI drinking water approval is a quality mark and demonstrates that the product complies with the applicable regulatory requirements regarding to the plastic pipe material and possible odour or taste passed on from the pipe to water.

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BRCGS Food Safety

Kiwa Agri Food | We are proudly a BRCGS Certification Body.

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Gas Meters

Kiwa Energy | Gas meter hire, sale and calibration

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Test Rig Sales

Kiwa Energy | Test Rig Sales

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Lab Kiwa

The resistance against permeation of gases and water through pipe walls and other separation components such as films, is for many practical applications a very important property. In this area, Kiwa Technology has gained vast knowledge and experience.

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Heat pump
Heat pump testing (EN 14511-14825-16147-12102 and NTA 8800)

Heat pumps provide an environmentally friendly way to both heat and cool buildings and to take care of hot water supplies. An increasing number of new products are emerging in the marketplace, all of which must comply with European directives.

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5G Testing

Kiwa Electrical Compliance provide Radio and EMC testing of 5G infrastructure such as mmWave backhaul networks and Fixed Wireless Access points.

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Inspection for Construction Product Certificates and Approvals

Safeguard approved construction products continue measuring up to the requirements with inspection by an independent inspection body. Kiwa Sverige AB is accepted in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden for conducting inspection for; GDV, SINTEF, STF and VA.

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Tapping a glass of water in the kitchen
UBA – German Evaluation Criteria for Products and Materials in Contact with Drinking Water

In Germany, plastic products of all kinds as well as rubber products that come into contact with drinking water must meet the hygienic and toxicological requirements of the guidelines of the Federal Environment Agency test (UBA). This is described in the elastomer guideline as well as in the KTW guideline.

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Expert Witness

Kiwa Energy | Expert witness services for cases involving heating systems

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Hot Water Tank Testing

Kiwa Energy | Energy-destructive tank testing

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Kiwa Thermostatic Mixing Valve Certification (TMV type 2 and 3)

Kiwa Watertec | TMV thermostatic mixing valves testing and certification

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Assessment of sleeve connections for heat energy distribution networks

The quality of (city) heating networks depends to a significant extent on the quality of the connections in the pipelines. Leaks that allow water ingress, which often occur in sleeve connections, can lead to degradation of the insulation with all the resulting effects on thermal insulation performance

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Research word web
Investigation accidents involving gas

Kiwa Technology investigates the cause of all types of accidents involving gas. These investigations are required in order to continue to use gas safely and also in order to assign responsibility for damages to the right parties.

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Lab Kiwa
Test possibilities materials

Problems in pipelines are often caused by the joints. Kiwa Technology has built up vast experience. For example, we have used our expertise in the area of plastic welding (of PE, PEX, PA, PP etc.) and other jointing techniques for years to support our consultancy regarding research and development projects.

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Cable Testing

Cable testing of Digital and Satellite TV coaxial cables to the CAI certification scheme

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Managing your pest control contract

Our Pest Management consultants provide support to food manufacturing, pharmaceutical, hospitality, retail, foodservice, museums, heritage and property management companies and organisations throughout the UK and Europe.

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Rodent pests and their control eLearning

Controlling rodent pests | Learn your part in a successful pest management programme

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Micro-CHP MCS Certification

Kiwa Energy | Certification Body for MCS014 MCS015 product certification

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GlobalGAP certification

GLOBALG.A.P. certification with Kiwa: reduce your food safety risks, increase your transparency and support sustainable agriculture to meet customer demands.

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MCS Product Certification

Kiwa UK | MCS certification for products

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Kiwa UNI Testing and Certification

The KIWA-UNI mark certifies the conformity of plastic and metal components in contact with water and gas to national and international standards.

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Kiwa Electrical Compliance Market Sectors

Learn more about the EMC testing KEC can perform across multiple global market sectors,

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