Oil, Gas and Chemicals

The (petro)chemical industry is complex and investment-intensive, relying heavily on properly functioning assets and processes for its profitability. For it to run smoothly, strict requirements are in place for proper design, routines and equipment control, and trained and experienced employees...


Environmental care is becoming more and more important; leakages or breakdowns that could harm the environment or your company image are literally unaffordable.

Kiwa provides a broad range of services in the Oil, Gas and Chemicals sector to help you make sure your operations and employees, plants, storage systems, (transport) pipelines and other facilities are in optimal condition.

We participate during maintenance stoppages and in your renovation, modernisation and investment plans. This allows you to minimise risks, maximise safety, uptime and sustainability and face challenges - today and tomorrow.

  • Maximise safety, uptime and sustainability
  • Broad range of petrochemical services
  • Increase profitability
Hydrogen Training for Decision Makers

The course is designed for decision makers and gives an overview of the concepts involved with hydrogen and to provide wider context of the principles behind hydrogen combustion.

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Kiwa 20% Hydrogen Blend Mark

Kiwa offers a new voluntary 20% Hydrogen Mark, based on its Test Requirements for natural gas appliances burning up to 20% Hydrogen admixture, using EN15502 as the reference standard.

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Hydrogen Vehicles Technician

This course is designed for development engineers, technicians, service staff, test engineers, and anyone who will work professionally with hydrogen vehicles.

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Domestic to Commercial Gas Safety CODNC01

This Cert-ain-accredited gas changeover course is for experienced engineers who already have the CCN1 Domestic Gas Safety qualification, wanting to expand their skills to do commercial gas work.

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Solid fuel Installer Training

Kiwa Training | HETAS training courses for installers of solid fuel and biomass appliances

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Laptop with grafic network on it
Discover Irene Pro

Irene Pro is a comprehensive and user-friendly analysis and calculation solution for gas networks. Developed by Kiwa, Irene Pro serves as an essential tool for numerous network operators in the construction, management and maintenance of gas networks.

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The resistance against permeation of gases and water through pipe walls and other separation components such as films, is for many practical applications a very important property. In this area, Kiwa Technology has gained vast knowledge and experience.

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Assessment of sleeve connections for heat energy distribution networks

The quality of (city) heating networks depends to a significant extent on the quality of the connections in the pipelines. Leaks that allow water ingress, which often occur in sleeve connections, can lead to degradation of the insulation with all the resulting effects on thermal insulation performance

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Feasibility Studies on Alternative Fuels

Kiwa Technology carries out feasibility studies to support gas traders, fleet owners and governments; to facilitate investment, safety, and provide an overview on the possibilities of alternative fuels CNG, LNG, H2 and CH2. To serve this objective, the study covers various aspects of the business concept development.

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Investigation accidents involving gas

Kiwa Technology investigates the cause of all types of accidents involving gas. These investigations are required in order to continue to use gas safely and also in order to assign responsibility for damages to the right parties.

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Test possibilities materials

Problems in pipelines are often caused by the joints. Kiwa Technology has built up vast experience. For example, we have used our expertise in the area of plastic welding (of PE, PEX, PA, PP etc.) and other jointing techniques for years to support our consultancy regarding research and development projects.

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I-GAS (Industrial Gas) training Level 2

This Industrial Gas training course is specifically designed for maintenance staff and technicians working on gas-fired systems and equipment in industrial premises who can demonstrate suitable experience.

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Introduction to Hydrogen eLearning

The hydrogen awareness eLearning course addresses the key themes needed for an awareness of hydrogen and its role in the future of the gas network.

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Product UKCA Marking

Kiwa can provide UKCA Mark and CE Mark guidance on gas, solid fuel, radio, electrical and electronic appliances. 

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Oil Installer Training OFTEC

We provide a range of OFTEC training courses accredited by Cert-ain.

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Hydrogen and the Natural Gas Network

A one-day course for professionals working in the gas supply and appliance industries, approved by IGEM for the purposes of CPD.

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Gas Analyses and the calculation of gas properties

When the composition of the gas is crucial. Particularly when the calorific value or Wobbe index needs to be identified. In addition, it is important that the gas is free of detrimental trace components. The possible presence of certain trace components depends strongly on the origin of the gas.

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Product assessments

If you have, or are developing, a new product in the area of heat energy distribution, such as delivery sets or heat pump systems, you obviously want to be sure that this product is as good as possible and that it complies with all the relevant standards.

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LPG Gas Training - CONGLP1/PD

This Cert-ain-certified course covers the changeover from natural gas to LPG in permanent dwellings. This is a popular course for domestic gas installers who want to work above 70kW and enter the commercial gas marketplace.

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Analysis odorant in natural gas, hydrogen gas and other gases

Natural gas, hydrogen gas and many other gases are naturally odorless. This can cause dangerous situations, for example if a leak or other incident occurs. Gases that are distributed via the Dutch gas network must therefore be scented with a so-called odorant.

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Hyfitts Scheme

Hyfitts scheme for components of hydrogen pipework systems

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Assessment of equivalence for Maintenance and Fuel for the NDRHI for biomass

The non-domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (NDRHI) helps businesses, public sector and non-profit organisations meet the cost of installing renewable heat technologies such as biomass, heat pumps, (ground source, water source and air source), solar thermal collectors and biomethane. The NDRHI along with its sister scheme the Domestic RHI has been administered by the Office for Gas and Electricity Markets (Ofgem) since their launch. The scheme covers England, Scotland and Wales; there’s a separate scheme for Northern Ireland.

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Gas Appliance Testing

Kiwa Energy | Gas Appliance Testing

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Hydrogen and Gas Quality

Kiwa Energy | Leading Hydrogen and Gas Safety Specialists

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