What Kiwa can do for you

Knowledge that helps you stay ahead

We understand the world you operate in and its challenges in detail - after all, it's our world as well. Our consultants have extensive knowledge of their and your areas of expertise. Therefore, we are able to provide excellent professional advice. We carry out assessments, verify investigation results, assist you with risk management, analyse systems, assets, equipment and buildings. All our consultancy services provide you with knowledge that helps you build an opinion and make the right decisions on effective measures and next steps. They help you stay ahead.

Risk management as your key to success

You want to minimise risks in your daily operations. A properly performed risk assessment provides valuable insights and risk profiles. This knowledge serves as a basis for success whenever you have to make an important decision on, for example, assets you manage, when you purchase a new system or embark on a complex project. Risk management is a part of Kiwa's consultancy services. Feel free to enquire about risk management with Kiwa.

How we help you with straight advice

Our consultancy services are fully independent. We strictly separate our consulting activities from any activities related to testing, inspection and certification. We evaluate our independence on a regular basis and our activities are supervised and monitored by independent accreditation bodies. Thus, you can be sure we are advising you with no strings attached.

You can count on us everywhere

Kiwa has offices around the world, which means our consultancy services are always nearby. We have extensive knowledge in a wide variety of markets, industries and subjects, which we will gladly employ to help you progress.

Our consultants know what's going on

Your organisation, industry or market sector probably is likely very dynamic, developing and changing quickly. We know. That's why our consultants make sure they keep up to the minute; they have extensive and up-to-date knowledge of their and your areas of expertise. Plus, they have the ability to turn theory into practice, which makes our advice applicable immediately.

We connect with the world

Our consultants have strong ties with industries and markets, but also with all kinds of other organisations, from governmental bodies to branch organisations. That way, we ensure our advice is compliant with all applicable rules, regulations and requirements - wherever you are.

Frequently Asked Questions about Consultancy