• Product certification

    The issue of product safety is now a priority for every manufacturer, as is the importance of knowledge of legislation and regulations to ensure the ultimate goal of 'preventive protection' for the consumer. Thanks to Kiwa's expertise, medical device companies can demonstrate that they meet the essential requirements for medical devices and gain access to the European market, as well as obtaining prerequisites for access to other global markets.

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    Product certification
  • Quality Management System Certification

    Be successful in the Medical sector and meet ever-changing market demands requires clearly defined processes and continuous improvement at every stage - from development to sales. Quality management systems accepted internationally and by the sector bring together all important information within the company and improves business operations.

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    Quality Management System Certification
  • Laboratory Services

    Testing services for medical devices are functional to demonstrate products will reliably and safely be performing in use, for a preventive protection of end-users. For this, Medical Devices must be subjected to rigorous testing in order to meet the highest quality standards.

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    Laboratory Services
  • Training Courses

    Kiwa, through its training companies offer a comprehensive range of medical device training courses carried out in line with the company strategies and the social transformations of the health sector and of the production and marketing of medical devices.

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    Training Courses