Generating heat and electricity involves many challenges and potential hazards. Power can come from an increasing number of sources, including large and small scale solar and wind installations, waste incineration plants and conventional fossil sources like natural gas, biogass or hydrogen...

The industry has to ensure uninterrupted, reliable supply and satisfy demands related to safety and the environment, while taking the interests of many stakeholders into account. Production systems are complex and need to be properly designed, monitored and maintained.

Still, retaining profitability is also an objective. Kiwa helps you make the right decisions at the right time. Safety, reliability and the environment are our main focus. We can, for example, help you by inspecting, testing, analysing and certifying assets and their components (during maintenance stoppages or otherwise).

We support you in setting up risk-based maintenance, modernisation and investment plans. In short: in close cooperation with you, we'll do all we can to prevent the unnecessary interruption of power supply.

  • Ensure reliable supply
  • Risk-based maintenance
  • Retain profitability
Services (65 results)
Hydrogen Training for Decision Makers

For decision makers needing to address the emerging potential of a Hydrogen Economy.

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HETAS Chimney Sweep H011 Training

Want to change your career? Or just starting out and interested in becoming a chimney sweep? Then this HETAS chimney sweep course is for you.

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Kiwa 20% Hydrogen Blend Mark

Kiwa offers a new voluntary 20% Hydrogen Mark, based on its Test Requirements for natural gas appliances burning up to 20% Hydrogen admixture, using EN15502 as the reference standard.

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Domestic to Commercial Gas Safety CODNC01

This Cert-ain-accredited gas changeover course is for experienced engineers who already have the CCN1 Domestic Gas Safety qualification, wanting to expand their skills to do commercial gas work.

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Data Collection Systems Design and Build

Kiwa Energy | Data Collection Systems

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Solid fuel Installer Training

Kiwa Training | HETAS training courses for installers of solid fuel and biomass appliances

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Lab Kiwa
Permeation and chemical compatibility

Kiwa is your partner for assessing the chemical compatibility and material performance of applied materials and the corresponding tests like permeation, immersion or rapid gas decompression tests. Testing material samples, pipes, components or even complete systems is possible.

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Heat pump
Heat pump testing (EN 14511-14825-16147-12102 and NTA 8800)

Heat pumps provide an environmentally friendly way to both heat and cool buildings and to take care of hot water supplies. An increasing number of new products are emerging in the marketplace, all of which must comply with European directives.

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Dry Stove Installer H003DS Training

This HETAS-certified H003 dry appliance course is for people who want to install dry stoves, and do not hold an existing qualification.

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I-GAS (Industrial Gas) training Level 2

This Industrial Gas training course is specifically designed for maintenance staff and technicians working on gas-fired systems and equipment in industrial premises who can demonstrate suitable experience.

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Introduction to Hydrogen

For gas installers and engineers working in the renewable energy sector.

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Product UKCA Marking

Kiwa can provide UKCA Mark and CE Mark guidance on gas, solid fuel, radio, electrical and electronic appliances. 

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Oil Installer Training OFTEC

We provide a range of OFTEC training courses accredited by Cert-ain.

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Hydrogen and the Natural Gas Network

For professionals working in the gas supply and appliance industries, approved by IGEM for the purposes of CPD.

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Biomass Testing

Kiwa Energy | Expert testing for biomass fuel, appliances, controls and components

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BRL K11007: Nature Inclusive Solar Park

Globally we strive to generate energy in a sustainable way. With this goal solar parks are set up, enabling energy suppliers to offer their customers green energy.

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Hydrogen Testing & Certification

Kiwa Energy is a leading testing and certification body for hydrogen and other gas-fuelled appliances. We also specialise in fuel cell power, mCHP, portable device and fuel cell systems – whether fuelled by pure hydrogen or using other feedstocks.

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Analysis Device LC-MS MS
Gas Analyses and the calculation of gas properties

When the composition of the gas is crucial. Particularly when the calorific value or Wobbe index needs to be identified. In addition, it is important that the gas is free of detrimental trace components. The possible presence of certain trace components depends strongly on the origin of the gas.

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Product assessments

If you have, or are developing, a new product in the area of heat energy distribution, such as delivery sets or heat pump systems, you obviously want to be sure that this product is as good as possible and that it complies with all the relevant standards.

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Hydrogen Consultancy

Hydrogen and gas safety expertise

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LPG Gas Training - CONGLP1/PD

This Cert-ain-certified course covers the changeover from natural gas to LPG in permanent dwellings. This is a popular course for domestic gas installers who want to work above 70kW and enter the commercial gas marketplace.

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Carbon Verification for Stationary Installations

Kiwa c:sense | Carbon Verification for EU ETS

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Product Carbon Footprint

Kiwa c:sense | Independent carbon measurement

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Assessment of equivalence for Maintenance and Fuel for the NDRHI for biomass

The non-domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (NDRHI) helps businesses, public sector and non-profit organisations meet the cost of installing renewable heat technologies such as biomass, heat pumps, (ground source, water source and air source), solar thermal collectors and biomethane. The NDRHI along with its sister scheme the Domestic RHI has been administered by the Office for Gas and Electricity Markets (Ofgem) since their launch. The scheme covers England, Scotland and Wales; there’s a separate scheme for Northern Ireland.

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