Pest Awareness E-learning

Pest management is a pre-requisite for ensuring public health and food safety. Everyone working in the food and hospitality sectors has a critical part to play in a successful pest management programme. Our e-learning is designed to impart knowledge, in an informative, entertaining and interactive way, to allow everyone to successfully fulfil their role in the Integrated Pest Management (IPM) programme. More information

Essential Pest Awareness

Designed particularly with food production employees in mind, this entry level course, with an anticipated completion time of around 45-60 minutes, aims to impart the key facts concerning those pests that may present a threat in a food manufacturing or storage environment, and what the role of the employee is in preventing infestation.

Advanced Pest Awareness & Contract Management

Our Advanced Pest Awareness and Pest Control Contract Management courses may be completed separately. Together, they provide the ‘complete package' for anyone charged with managing pest control. These courses will also be of interest to those responsible for auditing pest control activities in their own, or suppliers, sites.

Rodent Pests and their Control

The rodent element of the Advanced course is available as a standalone module.

Bed Bug Awareness

Housekeeping staff are in the front line of the battle against bedbugs in hotels. This short course, which takes around 30 minutes to complete, provides them with all the information needed to identify bed bug presence, and details what should be done if they find them.

All courses include an assessment, with a certificate issued on successful completion.

Safe Use of Insecticides

To provide delegates with the theoretical and practical knowledge necessary to apply insecticides safely within their own working environment. More information

Details about pricing are available on our e-learning leaflets:

Acheta e-learning for the food industry
Acheta e-learning for the hospitality industry
Courses can also be hosted within a self-managed area, or white-labelled for delivery on your own e-learning platform.

All courses have been independently assessed and verified by the CPD Certification Service.