Remote Rodent Monitoring

Rodents don't read text-books. Baits and traps remain the mainstay for control, but they frequently do not provide an accurate picture of rodent activity.

Our remote rodent monitoring devices use wireless detectors to monitor rodent activity remotely. The detectors are triggered by a combination of heat and movement, so they aren't activated by a spider for example. We have been using this technology since 2014 and are convinced it is the way forward. In the video below a mouse passing under the rodent monitoring devices detector, which is mounted on our preferred upturned guttering, triggers the detector at the 13 second mark; watch for the 3 flashes!

A recent trial of our remote rodent monitoring devices in a very large commercial building is described HERE. We have since permanently installed over 100 detectors within this building. A comparison of the effectiveness of remote monitoring against conventional baits and traps may be viewed HERE. If you thought your current monitoring setup was providing accurate information then you’ll probably find the content of this article disturbing! The photo below vividly demonstrates the avoidance of bait stations and trapping boxes by mice, which we observed when we tested the efficacy of these against remote rodent monitoring devices. The green footprints are actually a non-toxic dust which fluoresces under UV light, and highlight that mice were running around and over devices that had been placed to control them.

tracking avoiding bait boxes.jpg

We offer remote rodent monitoring devices as both a temporary installation for trouble-shooting purposes, and as a permanent installation, to be run in conjunction with your existing pest control service. A permanent installation will allow YOU to have a much better understanding of rodent management on YOUR site. Details about our service are available HERE, and any questions you may have will hopefully be answered by clicking HERE