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We offer Testing, Inspection and Certification services in virtually every market around the world. The segmentation we offer here may not (fully) include your own market. Please search for a product or service you need to find more information or contact us for a tailored answer to your question.

  • Automotive and aviation
    Automotive and Aviation

    We test and certify products and vehicle components according to local, brand-related and international regulations and standards.

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  • Construction and infrastructure
    Construction and Infrastructure

    Kiwa supports in the entire construction chain, offering solutions to all quality-related issues.

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  • Woman buys products
    Consumer Products

    Evidence of the quality, safety, healthiness and durability of the products, from concept to consumer.

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  • Information security shield
    Cyber Security

    Cyberattacks and threats can cause grave disruptions. Sensitive data can be lost or stolen and industrial processes could be halted, ultimately causing stagnation of production with revenue loss. It could even cause customers and public to lose trust in a company which became a victim of a cyberattack, leading to reputation damage.

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  • Education and training
    Education and Training

    Create your own reliable quality assurance system to ensure education quality.

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  • Inspector at work at wind turbines
    Energy and Power Generation

    Safety, reliability, environment: Kiwa helps you make the right decisions at the right time.

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  • Fire, Safety and Security

    We help you make risks visible and manageable - for yourself, those around you and your belongings.

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  • Food, Feed & Farm

    Global certification, verification and control services to ensure your customers get quality products that are safe and traceable from farm to fork.

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  • Hazardous materials
    Hazardous Materials

    Let us help you build healthy living and working environments without hazardous materials and substances.

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  • Industry Assets

    We help you with services that ensure smooth operations and optimal manufacturing output from your production processes ensuring unplanned downtime is minimized. We do this through testing and inspection of the production equipment you use for your manufacturing process. This to ensure, availability, safety, quality and compliance with applicable standards.

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