• Pulp and Paper

    The manufacturing of pulp and paper comes with serious and complex risks to manage. With Kiwa's experience and knowledge we know what exactly needs to be tested and inspected in order to maximize safety and minimize risks.

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    Pulp and Paper
  • Nuclear

    The key to a reliable nuclear environment is having processes and installations with as a little risks as possible. Kiwa can help you do so in order to minimize the risks from design phase until the construction and exploitation of your nuclear equipment.

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  • Oil, Gas and Chemicals

    The (petro)chemical industry is complex, investment-intensive and relies heavily on properly functioning assets and processes for its profitability. For it to run smoothly, strict requirements are in place for proper design, routines and equipment control as well as for trained and experienced employees.

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    Oil, Gas and Chemicals
  • Manufacturing Industry

    As an entrepreneur in the manufacturing industry, you face high stakeholder and customer demands and an ever more global market. Kiwa is well aware of your needs; our well-trained and experienced experts can help you with vendor inspections, quality assessments, welder qualification, NDT and PED services.

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    Manufacturing Industry
  • P2X

    e-Methane and e-Methanol will be the go-to renewable energy regarding hydrogen and fuel solutions for the transportation sector. Kiwa can help you turn your renewable energy into the e-fuels of the future.

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