• Piping systems

    Pipes and fittings in piping systems come in different types and sizes and are used for transporting drinking and waste water. Kiwa has a proven track record in helping manufacturers and suppliers of piping systems meet the appropriate requirements in Europe and beyond.

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    Repair/install plastic pipes
  • Sanitary tapware and accessories

    Standards that apply to sanitary components in industrial and domestic (drinking) water installations are very high. Kiwa provides a wide range of services for the water sector to ensure the availability of safe water.

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    Drink water from the tap
  • Household and industrial appliances

    Household and industrial appliances connected to the main water supply must comply with local water regulations. With Kiwa's approval and certification services you can be sure that your products meet the appropriate standards.

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    Washing machine
  • Safety and measuring devices

    Within water supply networks, safety and measuring devices are of utmost importance to secure an uninterrupted water supply. Kiwa provides services to ensure safety and accurate measurement within water networks.

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    Electromagnetic flowmeter detector water pipeline
  • Water treatment products

    Water treatment products aim to improve the quality of water and make it acceptable for a specific end-use. Kiwa offers various certification and testing programs that help your water treatment products demonstrate compliance with the highest standards.

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    Water treatment products
  • Rubber, adhesives and coatings

    Both natural and synthetic components are used in water supply networks. Kiwa facilitates an extensive portfolio of approval and testing services for these products according to national and international regulations and standards.

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    Rubber rings