Part of SHV

Since 2021, we are a member of SHV Family of Companies. Over 56.750 people all over the world shape SHV, all sharing the same Purpose and Values.


The SHV Family of Companies consists of SHV Energy (energy distribution), Makro (cash-and-carry wholesale), Mammoet (heavy lifting and transport activities), ERIKS (industrial services), Nutreco (animal nutrition and aquafeed), NPM Capital (exploration, development, providing private equity), ONE-Dyas (production of oil and gas) and Kiwa (testing, inspection and certification).

SHV fully endorses the importance of impartiality and avoidance of potential conflicts of interests in the TIC activities of Kiwa. Therefore, SHV does not in any way interfere in the primary TIC processes of Kiwa, where customers and authorities rely on the impartial technical competences, judgements and decisions of Kiwa staff.