Pulp and Paper

The manufacturing of pulp and paper comes with serious and complex risks to manage. Think of the possibility of fires, spills and explosions or the chance of dysfunctional equipment. These are things that you as a pulp and paper manufacturer logically want to avoid as much as possible. Kiwa’s experts can help manufacturers to reduce those risks by using proper mitigation strategies. We can inspect each part of the pulp and paper process, from A-Z, and inspect whether it meets the set and necessary requirements. With our experience and knowledge we know what exactly needs to be checked and what the right method is all in order to maximize safety and minimize risks.

Process Equipment Inspections

Process equipment inspections are important to ensure the safety of your pressurized equipment including recovery boilers. Kiwa can execute these inspections for you. Our assessments are based on national and international legal requirements, on your personal process information, non-destructive testing (NDT) and our empirical knowledge. The inspections entail:

  • Critical safety elements
  • Equipment to be inspected
  • Optimal inspection intervals

When all the relevant information is collected during the inspection, the data can be used to manage the lifecycle of the equipment and to define the necessary procedures during the equipment' lifecycle. 


Risk Based Inspections (RBI)

Risk-based inspection (RBI) is a method in which risksresulting from industrial equipment or structural degradation are identified, assessed and categorized. This is done via an analysis of the probability and consequences of failure associated with each asset. Based on this information a tailor-made inspection procedure is set-up.

Technology and material inspection

Modern technology is crucial to develop new advanced techniques to test, inspect and certify your equipment. With these new techniques we can serve you even better. One of our best examples are our boiler inspection services where a 3D map is build of damages and lets you to determine what to repair immediately and what can postponed to the next turnaround. This leads to higher safety, higher availability of the equipment and most importantly lower maintenance costs.

Major capital projects

Are you looking for support for large projects like turnarounds, modifications and greenfield construction projects. Then look no further. At Kiwa we have a large international pool of experienced inspectors and operators covering the entire Northern European region. This means we are able to provide full scope inspection services to large capital projects. Including:

  • vendor inspections,
  • QA/QC,
  • pressure equipment inspections,
  • welder certification,
  • material testing and NDT.

Our global services in the field of Pulp and Paper