CE certification: one Notified Body number for Kiwa Netherlands from now on

December 6, 2019

Kiwa is an accredited Notified Body (NB) for the CE testing and certification of products for the European market. The European Commission issues each NB with a unique number. We use this Notified Body number in our certificates and test reports. As a supplier, you can use this number in your communications, for example on a CE product label, Declaration of Performance (DoP), and/or on a EU Declaration of Conformity and in manuals to indicate that you are certified by us or that we have performed tests for you.

Notified Body number 0063 for Kiwa Netherlands

As a result of various acquisitions, Kiwa Netherlands used to have three NB numbers: NB 0063, NB 0620 and NB 0956. European regulations determine that each certifying body must have one unique number. Therefore, going forward the European Commission has requested Kiwa to use one NB number. From now we only use the NB number 0063.

At NANDO, the registration platform for NBs and where you check for which notifications Kiwa is allowed to issue an NB, you will now see the number NB 0063 and in parentheses (ex ante 0620, 0956). The content of our notifications remains unchanged, but they are now all combined under the number NB 0063. That means that all new certificates and test reports will be issued with the number NB 0063.

Consequences for existing certificate holders

If you have been certified under the ‘old’ numbers NB 0620 and NB 0956, you don't need to adjust your CE certificates. Even when a certificate is changed, for example because of a change of address or change in the product or norm, we will only adjust the version number of the certificate, not the NB number. As an existing certificate holder you can continue to use the ‘old’ NB 0620 and NB 0956 numbers in your communications. You may choose to change your current certificate number to NB 0063 if you wish.

Consequences for existing certificate holders quality system under ATEX

If your production process has been certified under the ‘old’ number NB 0620, these system certificates will be issued under the ‘new’ number NB 0063 at the start of a new contract period. From that moment forward, as certificate holder you must use your new number in your communications. You may also choose to use the new number in your communications before the start of the new contract period.

Consequences for earlier test reports

If you have received your test rapports under the ‘old’ numbers NB 0620 and NB 0956, you may continue to use these test reports and the associated NB number in your communications. Previously issued test reports will remain valid as long as your products haven’t changed.

More information

Do you have any questions about these changes? Please contact your Kiwa contact person.