• Fire, Safety and Security

    The importance of minimizing and managing risks is increasing: for your own business, in doing business with others and at home as well. Kiwa offers you a wide range of products and services in the field of Fire Safety and Security.

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    Fire, Safety and Security
  • Medical devices

    Medical devices manufactured or traded in the EU must comply with EU legislation in the area of safety and health. Kiwa boasts a wide and in-depth experience as Notified Body (Kiwa Italy N.B.0476 and Kiwa Turkey N.B.1984) from over 20 years in medical devices certification.

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    Medical devices
  • Digital safety (Cybersecurity)

    Information is of ever increasing value. Data on customers, production and other variables is not only crucial for day-to-day operations, but can also have financial implications if not handled responsibly. Our data security experts have the knowledge to help organizations improve their information security.

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    Digital safety (Cybersecurity)
  • Food safety and security

    Consumers require quality and safety and traceability of Agri, Feed and Food products. Kiwa offers global certification, verification and control services to help organizations in the food area to build customer confidence.

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    Food safety and security
  • Building safety

    Working safely and the use of safe, high-quality materials are important in the Building and Construction area. There are rules and quality requirements for products and processes, and requirements for working conditions and safety. Kiwa tests building structures and materials and is a leading certification partner in this sector for years.

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    Building safety