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We offer Testing, Inspection and Certification services in virtually every market around the world. The segmentation we offer here may not (fully) include your own market. We invite you to search for a product or service you need to find more information or to contact us for a tailored answer to your question.

  • Kid eating berries
    Agri, Feed, Food

    All you need to ensure your customers get quality products that are safe and traceable from farm to fork.

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  • Automotive flashes of light on the street
    Automotive and aviation

    Kiwa offers a wide range of global services for automotive and aviation. You can rely on us to help you comply with relevant rules and standards by testing and certifying products and vehicle parts.

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  • Man in helmet looking over construction site
    Construction and infrastructure

    As a building contractor in construction and/or infrastructure, you'll have to comply with a large number of regulations and quality requirements for construction products, equipment and processes

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  • Woman buys consumer product
    Consumer products

    Evidence of the quality, safety, healthiness and durability of the products, from concept to consumer.

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  • Take notes during a course
    Education and training

    As a specialist in quality and quality management in many different areas in sectors like technology, utilities and healthcare, Kiwa employs many experts who have in-depth knowledge of their discipline.  

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  • World illuminated by lights
    Energy and Power Generation

    The power generation industry has to face the challenge of ensuring an uninterrupted and reliable supply and satisfying safety and environmental requirements, while also taking into account the interests of the many stakeholders into account.

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  • Fire Safety
    Fire Safety and Security

    We help you make risks visible and manageable - for yourself, those around you and your belongings.

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  • Hazardous materials
    Hazardous materials

    Let us help you build healthy living and working environments without hazardous materials and substances.

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  • Parachute jumpers
    Management Systems

    A quality management system helps you improve your business operations in general.

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  • Cutting by means of lasers
    Manufacturing industry

    Making sure your organisation functions perfectly, on a high quality level, without interruptions.

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  • Doctors in the hospital
    Medical and Pharma

    We help you offer effective, high-quality care so that you can give customers the best possible treatment.

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  • Mining

    Our services bring you the tools and knowledge to minimise risks and maintain safe operations.

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  • Oil Gas Chemicals factory
    Oil, Gas and Chemicals

    Make sure your operations, employees, plants and other facilities are in optimal condition.

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  • Process industry
    Process industry

    We help you with services that ensure smooth operations and optimal manufacturing output.

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  • Back wall in test lab Kiwa Woerden
    Radio, Wireless and Electrical Equipment

    At Kiwa we can guide you through the complex, and sometimes challenging regulatory landscape for RF, EMC and Electrical Safety compliance.

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  • Real Estate Services
    Real Estate services

    Support throughout the property lifecycle, from investment to inspections, demolition and recycling.

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  • Shopping with shopping cart

    Quality products and services through a chain of suppliers, finally reaching your customer.

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  • Running in nature
    Sport, tourism and leisure

    Kiwa helps you achieving this by relieving you when it comes to safety and health. Whether it is a water slide, a hotel, a ski lift or an exhibition.

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  • Containers
    Transport and Mobility

    Keeping you on the road, the water and in the air as effective and environmentally-friendly as possible.

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  • Utilities

    Services for utilities manufacturers and service providers - in particular, gas and drinking water.

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  • Tapping a glass of water in the kitchen

    Kiwa plays a leading role across the water industry by making the quality and safety of products visible in the marketplace.

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