What can we do for you?

Kiwa enables easy market access for everyone who wants to introduce electrical or electronic equipment - related to fire safety, security or EMC - to the European market or even the world.

We build long-lasting relationships by offering customized testing services tailored specifically to your needs, and we will offer our guidance and support every step along the way. We aim to be both flexible and market oriented by allowing you to closely participate in planning the testing process. 

We can help you with, for example, intruder detection, data security management, surveillance systems, social security, access control, fire safety systems and procedures, alarm and emergency management systems and procedures, vehicle security, domotics components and explosion safety.

Risk assessments

Risk assessments and risk management programmes also feature in our extensive portfolio. We can help you make risks visible and manageable - for the safety, security and health of yourself, those around you and the safety and security of your belongings.

  • Fire safety products

    If you want to sell fire safety (detection) products in the European Union, Kiwa is able to provide all the mandatory and optional certification in order to meet the demands for market access.

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  • Security products

    The certification of products can be done according several schemes. A scheme indicates to what standard(s) the product is compliant to and if there are regular product and/or factory inspections or product retests involved.

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  • Accreditations & Directives

    Kiwa is an accredited test laboratory to ISO/IEC 17025 and an accredited certification body to the ISO/IEC 17065. Our accreditation guarantees assurance, trust and integrity!

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