20 February 2024

Kiwa strengthens its position as a fire safety certification authority in the Middle East

Kiwa Netherlands has been designated as an accepted testing, inspection and certification (TIC) company for fire safety products in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). This followed an intensive process in which the designation of the former Kiwa Telefication had to be transferred to Kiwa. Kiwa's testing laboratories were also audited. By achieving this designation, Kiwa emphasizes its position as an authority in the field of fire safety, enabling the company to further strengthen its position in the region.

Civil Defense falls under the Ministry of Interior of the United Arab Emirates and plays an essential role in protecting lives, property and the environment. Each emirate has its own Civil Defense department that assists in rescue and relief missions and establishes volunteer and emergency teams. The organization is also responsible for establishing and implementing quality standards in the field of fire safety and is a leading authority in the region.

Merging accreditations

The designation of Kiwa Netherlands has been intensively worked on since 2019 and the change from Kiwa Telefication, the predecessor of Kiwa FSS Products, to Kiwa posed a significant challenge. This included, among other things, merging accreditation scopes from Telefication and Kiwa (into Dutch Accreditation Council scopes L248 and C002), working with a new portal from Civil Defense and communication between a large number of parties.

Portfolio expansion

Following a visit to the headquarters of Civil Defense in Abu Dhabi in May 2023 and a positive audit in Kiwa's labs in the Netherlands in December of that year, the portfolio of Kiwa FSS Products in the UAE has now been significantly expanded. Kiwa is proud of the recognition by Civil Defense in the UAE. It confirms Kiwa's dedication to providing high-quality testing, inspection, and certification services in the field of fire safety and security. Moreover, other countries in the region often follow the designations established by Civil Defense in the UAE as reliable recommendations.

More information

Do you want to know more about Kiwa’s services in the field of fire safety and security products? Please check the Kiwa Fire Safety & Security Products webpage and find out how Kiwa can support you.

Kiwa at Intersec exhibition in January 2024.jpg

During the Intersec exhibition in January 2024, the listing was officially granted to Kiwa Netherlands in the presence of Kiwa FSS colleagues Albertine Ibrahim and Wouter van Beers.