• Businesses given extra time to apply UKCA marking

    2 September 2021

    The UK government has postponed the requirement for manufacturers to adopt the UK Conformity Assessment (UKCA) mark for goods placed in the UK market. Kiwa can advise on this somewhat complex area.

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  • RED Delegated Act: proposed date of adoption October 2021 with a transition period of 30 months

    30 August 2021

    To protect smart devices against hacks, data leaks, etc which are available on the European market compliance to the ETSI EN 303 645 articles 3.3 d, e and f of the Radio Equipment Directive (2014/53/EU) will become mandatory through means of a delegated act. The proposed adoption period starts from October 2021, with a 30 month transition period. After the transition period compliance to these three articles will become mandatory.

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  • First Kiwa BRL K17701 certificate for low temperature heating manifolds issued to Uponor

    16 August 2021

    At the beginning of June, Kiwa issued the first certificate in accordance with the BRL K17701 'Manifolds for hot water and chilled water'. The German Uponor received the certificate for the low temperature heating manifold 'Uponor Vario S manifold LS'. A group of experts, consisting of manufacturers, customers and Kiwa, started at the end of 2015 with the development of the BRL K17701 for certifying manifolds for underfloor heating and radiator connections.

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  • Kiwa proud sponsor of plastic pipes conference PPXX

    29 July 2021

    From 6 to 8 September 2021, the International Plastic Pipes Conference and Exhibition will be held for the twentieth time, this time in the Amsterdam Hotel Okura. PPXX is the world's largest event about new developments in plastic pipes market. As a leading testing and certification body in the field of plastic pipes Kiwa is closely involved in the conference, both as a sponsor and as an testing and certifying authority.

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  • SHV welcomes Kiwa as a new Group to the SHV Family of companies

    12 July 2021

    Today, agreement had been reached on the acquisition by SHV of Kiwa. Kiwa is currently owned by NPM Capital and the Kiwa management and employees. SHV will fully support Kiwa in its next stages of development to become a most relevant leading, lasting and autonomous TIC organization.

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  • Kiwa and Alliander open first Dutch hydrogen demo house

    27 May 2021

    Kiwa and Alliander are opening the Hydrogen Experience Centre in Apeldoorn today: a demonstration and training location set up as a private home where professionals learn how to convert the natural gas supply in residential areas for hydrogen application. In the Hydrogen Experience Centre, Kiwa and Alliander demonstrate that hydrogen can be used excellently as a fuel in the built environment.

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  • Cyber security expert Hudson Cybertec and Kiwa join forces

    6 May 2021

    Hudson Cybertec, specialized in cyber security for Industrial Automation & Control Systems (IACS), is part of the Kiwa Group as from May 5th 2021. With this participation, Kiwa - a leading independent testing, inspection and certification organization - aims to expand its presence in the cyber security market, whereas Hudson Cybertec will profit from Kiwa’s worldwide network and expertise in the field of certification.

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  • Elia puts safety first with Safety Culture Ladder certification

    14 January 2021

    With the GoforZer0 programme, Belgian network provider Elia has maintained a strong focus on the safety of its business processes and employees over the last few years. Independent certifying body Kiwa Belgium has now awarded Elia for these efforts with the prestigious international Safety Culture Ladder (SCL) certificate.

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