• BRL-K777 published for comments

    13 January 2022

    BRL-K777 for the Kiwa product certificate for repair clamps and repair couplings published for criticism from February 1, 2022 to March 15, 2022.

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  • Concept BRL’s 2020-1 en 2020-2 published for comments

    22 December 2021

    On December 22, 2021 Kiwa publishes the Draft Evaluation Guidelines BRL 2020-1 and BRL 2020-2 d.d. 21 december 2021; TPE pipe joint seals for non-pressure waste water and drainage – MATERIAL & SEALS, for comments.

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  • BRL-K14010-1, Part A and Part B published binding

    28 September 2021

    Kiwa attest-with-product certificate for: Kiwa technical-approval-with product certificate for physical techniques

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  • BRL-K656 published binding

    3 September 2021

    As of August 16, 2021 a revised version of the Evaluation Guideline BRL-K656 is published binding. BRL-K656 contains the requirements for a product certificate “Heat exchangers intended for the indirect adjustment of drinking water”.

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  • BRL-K602 published for comments

    17 August 2021

    Kiwa product certificate for valves for drinking water transport and drinking water distribution systems. BRL-K602 embodies references to the norm parts EN1074, part 1 up to and including part 5.

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  • BRL-K630 published for comments

    13 August 2021

    BRLK630 bevat de eisen en bepalingsmethoden voor het Kiwa Watermark productcertificaat. De commentaarperiode loopt tot 30 september 2021.

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  • BRL-2006 published for comments

    16 July 2021

    BRL-2006 for “PE pipes and fittings for indoor sewerage under free decay”. BRL-2006 version 24-06-2021 has been published for comments until 02-09-2021 and will replace the version with the date 14-09-2017. This BRL has been prepared by de Board of Experts – LSK.

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  • BRL-K14016 is withdrawn

    29 January 2021

    BRL-K14016 is withdrawn per 1 January 2021. The HC is a components in sanitary bath-mixers and is tested with the diverter of the bath mixer. For the other models there are more practical solutions available.

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  • BRL-K656 published for criticism

    21 December 2020

    As of December 21, 2020 a revised version of BRL-K656 is published for criticism. BRL-K656 contains requirements for a product certificate for "Heat exchangers intended for the indirect heating of drinking water”.

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  • BRL-K778 published for criticism

    28 January 2020

    As of January 29, 2020 a revised version of BRL-K778 is published for criticism. BRL-K778 contains requirements for a process certificate for ‘Internal cement mortar lining for pipes’.

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  • BRL 5217, parts 1 and 2 are published for comments

    12 July 2019

    From 8 July 2019 BRL 5217, parts 1 and 2 are published for comments. The draft version you can find under ‘Downloads’.

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