4 January 2023

BRL 5219 published for comments

The revised draft-assessment directive BRL 5219 (KOMO) for plastics piping systems intended for closed geothermal energy systems has been published for comments.

In the BRL the following parts have been updated:

  • In accordance with the Dutch regulations BRL SIKB 11000 and Protocol 11001 the:
  • various terms have been harmonised i.e., “closed geothermal energy systems” instead of “geothermal heat exchange in closed circuits” and “soil heat exchanger” instead of “geothermal probe”;
  • mechanical connections and metal couplings are no longer applicable.
  • A classification has been introduced for the flow resistance at the foot of the soil heat exchanger.
  • Deletion of Annex B for the determination of the density of connections after freezing.
  • Addition of Annex D which contains an overview of approved heat transfer agents that can be used without additional chemical resistance tests.

If you have any comment in relation to the changes in the BRl, then please use the corresponding comment sheet. Comments can be sent to Hans den Boer (email: hans.den.boer@kiwa.com) till 24 February 2023.