21 December 2022

BRL 52100 published for comments

We have made an update of BRL 52100 “Buizen en hulpstukken voor kunststofleidingsystemen gebaseerd op -vrij verval - binnenriolering - vervaardigd van PVC-U”.

Translated: “Pipes and fittings for plastic piping systems based on gravity - indoor sewerage - made of PVC-U”

Most relevant changes

  • Updated to the new KOMO template;
  • Title is adjusted: pipes and fittings are added;
  • H3 according to “Requirements for products and/or materials to be processed” is added;
  • H4 2nd alinea according to “performing tests according to CEN/TS 1329-2” is added;
  • H4 3rd alinea according to “measurement tolerances” is added;
  • H4 4th alinea according to “temperature at testing on location” is added;
  • §4.2.1 according to “Colour” is added;
  • §4.2.8 according to “Valproef” NEN-EN 12061 is replaced by NEN-EN-ISO 13263;
  • §4.3 Testmatrices revised becouse off ‘witness’-tests (IKB clarified);
  • §5.5 according to “Archive” is added;
  • §5.6 according to “Changes” is added;
  • §6.5 according to “Temporary no production or delivery” is added;

Submit comments

The Board of Experts handles a period for comments of 8 weeks starting from the date of this publication. People who are interested are invited to comment to this Draft BRL 52100 2022.

Please react before: 17-02-2023.

The Design BRL 52100 2022, also version 2017 and the “Comment list” can be found under ‘Downloads’.

Send the “Comment list” by e-mail to: ppd@kiwa.nl.

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